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Chocolate Duvet Cover

Updated on March 16, 2011

Why Choose a Chocolate Duvet Cover

Like a mug full of your favorite hot chocolate, a chocolate duvet cover will keep you warm all winter long. It also can keep you cool if you have the right kind of duvet.

A chocolate duvet cover can be a wonderful, elegant and very fun way to update your current bedroom without spending a fortune on an entire bedroom renovation. Of course, if you're looking to completely renovate around a chocolate duvet, then you should read below to find out what colors work well with chocolate. This is because the color deemed chocolate is synonymous for a rich, dark brown in the fashion world.

Brown can sometimes sound, well just ugly, but chocolate sounds simply something you must have. While there are various shades of chocolate, it is typically a warmer dark brown - but I have also seen them in very cool dark browns as well.

Choosing to decorate with a chocolate duvet cover is a great choice for any style bedroom. Whether it's modern or traditional, a chocolate duvet will fit in perfectly, and there will surely be a chocolate duvet to match. Make sure to look for comfortable materials in higher thread counts that will feel soft against your skin and not too heavy if you're using it for summer.

For a truly beautiful selection of chocolate duvet cover sets and chocolate duvets, try looking online. They have everything from the solid chocolate duvet to intricately and elegantly patterned chocolate duvet covers mixed with blues, creams, or whites in lovely damasks, florals, stripes, or other patterns. Whether your home is traditional or modern, a beautiful chocolate duvet cover is the way to go.

If you're looking for a change from the solid chocolate brown duvet cover, why not opt for something a bit more exotic like a chocolate and blue duvet cover or a pink and chocolate duvet cover. There are also many beautifully designed chocolate patterned duvet covers that could really enhance the beauty of any bedroom in a variety of colors.

There are many great places online to shop for chocolate duvet covers in many styles. Two great places to check for chocolate duvets are online at Amazon and eBay. I find they have excellent prices on quality designer and brand name exquisitely designed chocolate duvet covers. You can visit or eBay right now if you'd like to view their current chocolate duvet selections.

Chocolate and Blue Duvet Cover

Decorating with a Chocolate Duvet Cover Can Be as Easy as 1-2-3

Decorating with a chocolate duvet cover can be as easy as stripping your current duvet cover off of your duvet and changing the cover. However, if you're looking to freshen up the walls or change the look of your room with a coat of inexpensive paint, then you really have a lot of choices as far as color goes.

Chocolate is an extremely neutral color. It's almost as versatile as black or grey. Depending on your personal taste, you can paint with light colors or dark. You could even choose the same shade of chocolate paint as your chocolate duvet cover if you're looking to melt yourself in relaxation every night.

If your chocolate duvet cover has other colors in it like a chocolate and blue duvet cover or a pink and chocolate duvet cover or just plain multi-colored with chocolate, try choosing a wall color from one of those colors. If your chocolate brown duvet cover is just chocolate, then you have an overwhelming amount of choices.

Chocolate and Blue Duvet Cover

Nothing says elegance like a chocolate and blue duvet cover. Light blue looks absolutely lovely with a chocolate duvet cover. You can even find a myriad of blue and chocolate duvet covers out there. Choose neutral or cool blues, depending on the warmth of the chocolate duvet cover. While you could go with dark blue, light blue can really sooth your senses each night. A navy or dark blue may be too much

Shades of teal, turquoise and aqua can all look great with a chocolate duvet cover. Go bold or light depending on your personal taste.

Some other colors that work very well with a chocolate duvet cover are warm, rich greens in shades of chartreuse or apple green, but emerald greens and mintier light greens can work well too.This is why you can often find contemporary chocolate duvet covers and traditional chocolate duvet covers with these common and beautiful color combinations.

Soft neutral pinks or reds can look great with a chocolate brown duvet cover. A soft warm or cool light pink is great for the girls, but I'm not so sure you could ever sell that color to your boyfriend or husband.

A fiery, warm dark red would be a great, sultry option with your chocolate duvet cover, because it would really romanticize and richen the room up if you're bold and passionate enough for red walls in the bedroom.

The right color cantaloupe or melon would look great with a chocolate duvet cover; however, be very careful when using bolder shades of yellows and oranges - you don't want a bedroom that looks like it was taken out of a 1970's bedding magazine.

Any Color Can Compliment a Chocolate Duvet Cover

The point is that any color on the color wheel looks great with a chocolate duvet cover. Whether it's a strong shade of jade or the softest hue of blue-green, a chocolate duvet will look great with almost anything. Whether you want wallpaper or paint, you have a seriously large number of choices.

It's really up to you and your vision of your bedroom when it comes to designing with your chocolate duvet cover. Just take the style design you want to go with and work from there. You could even check out some interior design magazines if you need some inspiration. Make sure to do some research if you're going for a certain theme. Decorating really can be a fun adventure.

If afte rall this you're still stuck with trying to pick out a color, opt to choose an accent pillow that you love first, then work with the colors in the pattern of the accent pillow.

Chocolate duvet cover
Chocolate duvet cover


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