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Choices in Countertops: Granite vs. Engineered Stone

Updated on January 17, 2014
Assorted patterns and colors of granite countertop are available.
Assorted patterns and colors of granite countertop are available.

When it comes to the design of a kitchen, most of us have very definite designs about how the functional kitchen should be laid out, what types of cabinetry we want, they type of cookware we prefer and what we want the countertops to be. In fact, some people, prefer to have their cabinets higher than average, while others would need them to be a couple of inches higher than status quo. But perhaps one of the most debated topics in kitchen design is the type of countertops to have. Not just how high or low the countertop is placed, but also, what kind of surface they should have.

In recent years, there have been two contenders in this discussion - especially if the homeowner has decided against covering such as laminate or solid surface. These debates have been on the advantages of granite countertops versus engineered stone. So what is it about these two products that make them so appealing?

Engineered stone- This is a beautiful countertop choice is comprised of quartz and can be made to look like natural stone. You will find engineered stone from venders who carry Silestone, Cambria, Ceasarstone, Legacy, Zodiaq and Avanza. Each company uses their own particular process to give the countertop its own unique finish. The product is designed to be especially user friendly. This countertop choice does not require sealing, is non-porous, is available in a wide range of colors and is resistant to scratching, acid damage and staining. It should be noted, that engineered stone can actually be more expensive than granite countertops would be, but if you are going for an ultra-modern look, then it is a surface you are sure to love!

Granite Countertops - Granite has been around for centuries and for many, has represented something only the elite can have. However, today, granite is more affordable than ever. And, as it comes in a plethora of gorgeous colors full of unique patterns, one is certain to find just the right piece for their space. Granite countertops are very resistant to acid damage, do not scratch easily and will not burn or warp if hot pans are placed on its surface; however, it must also be sealed at least every couple of years. Despite the need for resealing, granite countertops are still favorites in kitchens all around the globe.

So there you have it. Granite countertops or engineered stone Well that is up to you. But whatever your choice, be sure to pick something you will enjoy for years.

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