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Choose your destination in Bangalore - Any way.[ Home.]

Updated on February 21, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Where do we Live.

This Looks Better.

The Builders Shoppy.

First day Viewers.

Yet an another View of the Builders Show.

Is there a H a p p y F l a t.

There must be High Speed Lifts,I am always in a hurry.

Do I see what I see.

I think you should send me soft copy's take my e mail ID.

That is my wife quick decision.
That is my wife quick decision.

Your Dream Home anywhere you want - East,West,North and South as also in between,360 deg's.

Hotel Asoka was not full because it is so big any function and any number of people it has so much space inside and out side.1000 cars can park perhaps.This Hotel is run by Govt of India and has no room for any adjustments by any private party's for a seminor or road show.

The Local News Paper which gets so much advertisements had arranged a Expo of Builders of repute in this hotel on 12th & 13th.First day was itself full of all types of people who had their budget from few lac's to over a crore of rupees in their bank cash or as loan sanctioned.

The visitor had to stand in Que to talk to the representatives of the builders in the vast pavilion in big show room where perhaps more than 60 builders had put up their stalls.There were 'A' Class to 'C' Class of builders perhaps.There was even the ICICI bank offering loans and there were representatives to explain how the loans are given.

There were ready to occupy Flats and Villas as also Flats that would be ready in a year.They were ready to occupy but not ready to live in.These Flats or Villas have only walls,doors and windows.They are not furnished nor have any fixtures and furniture.They have to be handled with the help of a Interior designer.You can;t do anything with out them they are experts in this field and you can't avoid them.The additional expence would amount to few more lac's which you will he happy to spend.

Most of these flats are purchased by:-

1 ) Individuals wanting to live in their own homes.

2 ) Parents of N R I's that buy them for their children who like to have the same ambience as they were having at their homes in the land they lived.If they came home to live after they had made the money they wanted to make or for the sake of their children whom they would not want to mix with the local kids having different culture.

3 ) Bearucrats who want to park their money so as to get their income added after they would retire.This of course is also true for other Govt employees who make many in such depts as is welknown like R T O office,Tax Office of all nature such as Commercial Tax and not to omit our dear police officers known to take bribes unwillingly to help the poor citizens.

4 ) People with unaccounted money in their business.Like Doctors,Lawers,Tax Experts and other advisors who will advice how to obey lawfully law - unlawfully.

5 ) People with excess income to save their money and avoid tax on deposits if they keep in banks.

There may be others also and they are invisible investers.

The Show was only pictures,plans and payments that were to be made in various heads up to your living in the flats peacefully.

Once you buy a flat you are in for your life there with all plus and minus points that go with this bargain so sweet that to live only if you are adjustable.Some people who live there may be loveable and social.Others may be you do not like their looks in the first instance and may have to turn the other way if you happen to run in to them or they in to you.It won't be easy to sell and buy like a movable thing like your car.You can change a car overnight but not your Flat or Villa.All buyers will gain and you will have to lose to the buyers advantage.That may also be not up to your liking as some amount of luck if it is attached to that house you may not have it in your new home.Such Flats if purchased on bank loans you may have to involve them also in sales which is another head ach.



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