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Choosing A Carpet Cleaner In Glasgow

Updated on September 2, 2010

How to Find Professional Carpet Cleaning In Glasgow

A quick glance at the Yellow Pages or on Google is all you will need to see that there is a seemingly endless choice if you are looking for carpet cleaning in Glasgow. It’s little wonder there is such a choice given that anyone can buy or rent basic carpet cleaning supplies one day and advertise themselves as a carpet cleaner the next. Confronted by such a bewildering array of carpet cleaners, presumably all proclaiming themselves the best at what they do, how do you choose a reliable company? When you Google “carpet cleaning Glasgow” how can be ensure you make the correct choice. Well, as in many other situations, a little homework will help. Here are our top tips to help you select a competent cleaner.


Ask the company you are considering how long it has been operating. Also ask to see examples of their work or testimonials from satisfied customers. After all, the two go hand in hand. A reputable company which has been operating for a number of years is bound to have a good number of testimonials from delighted clients and will be happy to let you see these.


Nobody likes to think that things will go wrong when they invite a tradesman into their home. However it’s a fact of life that occasionally even the most competent professional can make a mistake. Insurance for the carpet cleaning industry is expensive and is an area where the fly-by-night operator can be tempted to cut corners. Don’t find this out when it’s too late. Ask for details of your chosen company’s insurance cover. But don’t stop there – make sure you see a copy of the policy or cover note. Don’t wait until a problem arises and then find out that there is in fact no cover in place.

Customer Service

With so many companies out there looking for your business, you are entitled to – and should expect to receive – the highest standards of customer service from any cleaning company you engage. When you phone for a quote or for further information how are you treated? Will they provide you with a free no-obligation home visit? How do they present themselves on the phone or in person? Are they polite and courteous? In short, are you dealing with the type of person you feel comfortable inviting into your home? If in doubt, keep looking.

Unconditional Guarantee

All professional carpet cleaners should be happy to stand 100% behind their work and offer a no quibble guarantee. In all cases make sure that they guarantee to put right any issues free of charge. Better still, do they offer a full money back guarantee if you are still not happy?

Treat Low Prices With a Degree Of Skepticism

Let’s face it, everyone loves a bargain! But when you’re talking about your precious carpets and home furnishings do you really want to choose a cleaner based simply on the lowest price? Budget operators must be cutting corners somewhere, be it on poor equipment or materials or badly paid, undertrained and poorly motivated staff. Better to choose a company which ticks all the boxes when it comes to Insurance, Guarantee, Testimonials and Customer Service, even if it’s a little more expensive, rather than the bargain- basement company, which could well be here today, gone tomorrow.

Any professional service provider should be happy to deal with your reasonable enquiries on the above points. If, for any reason they are not, perhaps it would be best to keep on looking!


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