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Choosing Color Scheme for Your Modular Kitchen

Updated on November 8, 2013

Is it possible to build a house without a kitchen?

Sure. It’s just that it will never get inhabited by anybody! After all, a kitchen signifies food, a bare necessity! It’s no surprise therefore, that when we lovingly furnish and decorate our homes, the kitchen gets special treatment and we often agonize over the colors to use.

The age of modern and contemporary style

In the age of modern and contemporary style, practically every new home buyer prefers a modular kitchen, which is a smart innovation for space utilization. Since a lot of the space in the kitchen is dominated by cabinets for storage and display, the color scheme you choose for them is bound to set the overall ambiance of your kitchen.

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Listed below are a few tips for choosing the perfect color scheme for your kitchen cabinets:

  • A good starting point is to keep in mind the overall architectural style of your house. Material and design are very closely related to finish and color, and have to be matched carefully.
  • It’s nice to stay abreast of color trends; although your kitchen’s unique identity will come about as a result of many combinations. For instance, the soft pastels and spotless white colors spell modernity and timelessness.
  • Consider the color of the rest of surfaces, walls, countertops and appliances in the kitchen so as to visualize a harmonious combination.
  • The textures and layers of all the above elements and accessories also play a role in defining the perfect cabinet color. For instance, chrome countertops can match well with classy beige cabinets while contrasting nicely with modern colors like aqua blue.
  • Contrasts are also good statement pieces and can be especially effective in breaking monotony. For instance, a modular kitchen painted in pristine white or cream shades could become an eye-catching room in the house if the modular cabinets are painted in a striking shade of crimson or red. An interesting feature available for those reluctant to experiment much with kitchen colors is the usage of sections or splashes of color (often bright) in glass-front cabinet interiors.
  • Remember that colors inspire emotions. Since a kitchen is where food is painstakingly prepared for loved ones, it’s only fitting that emotions are heightened here. Therefore, cabinet colors in shades of lemon yellow, mint and peach can be rather soothing. Reds and browns are considered synonymous with power, and many people love styling their cabinets accordingly.
  • The play of natural light in any room adds a vital dimension to the decision-making while choosing the right color scheme. Ideally, a well-designed kitchen has great natural lighting. It thus becomes an inviting, warm space if bright sunlight is reflecting off your beautifully-sunshine yellow cabinets. Grays too, are a preferred choice these days rather than the much-loved whites.

Go ahead

As with any other exercise of choosing colors, a whole lot of elements come together to create a much loved blend of the perfect color of your cabinet. So go ahead and give your kitchen a unique character and personality by adding a stylish combination of cabinets!

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