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Choosing Curtains Basics – Setting Up Your Children Room

Updated on June 17, 2011
Bright Silk Sari Curtains look great for older kids
Bright Silk Sari Curtains look great for older kids | Source

If you have kids you would love to set up a room for them. When it comes to children room decor, especially the curtains and drapes, you would do well to keep a few basics in mind so your efforts are well appreciated.

Anyone and everyone who has kids has one inborn desire - to give the best to their children. When it comes to setting up a room for them, you would like to keep window curtains and drapes that the kids enjoy.


Children love bright colors.

The brighter you make their room using bold colors, the happier they will be(assuming here your kids have not yet reached the teenage storm!). Bright orange, ink blue, canary yellow, scarlet red are some of the colors you can use to brighten up the room.

You can consider painting the beds with enamel colors. Alternatively, one full wall painted with any one such bright color can achieve the desired effect as well.

Another way to achieve brightness is by using bright colored curtains and drapes. Choosing bright curtains has another hidden advantage. It will add to the brightness if the room even if the room has comparatively staid wall colors. This will save you any cost towards having to paint the room or its furniture, as the same effect would have already been achieved by you.

Prints or Plain?

For smaller children there are a host of bright prints available as per the age of your child.

For pre-school kids, there are baby prints of soft toys and cuddly teddy bears that would look good in any baby’s room.

For school going kids who have started watching a bit of TV, you can choose from a range of cartoon prints such as those on the right. Disney prints are very popular, and a Mickey Mouse or a Donald duck on your curtains would keep your children very happy.

Toy designs like trucks and dolls look great as well.

For older children, you can go for plain curtains in bright colors as well. Sari curtains would fit this category extremely well as they come in nice bright colors that look excellent in children rooms. Another advantage of sari curtains is that they are comparatively cheap, hence they will not burn a hole in your pocket either.

Amongst sari curtains, it is the Indian Silk Sari Curtains that I would recommend. The cloth has got an inbuilt sheen of pure silk in it, and the richness of the cloth is something that is to be seen to be believed. Add to it the longetivity of the cloth and you have a winner all the way.

Patterns and Size

When designing your children room curtains, use window drapes that are door length long. While you will definitely save on cloth by going for different sized drapes for your windows and doors, going for standard door size curtains will mean you can interchange the curtains whenever you want. Also should you want to shift the same curtains to a different room later, you would have more flexibility.

Keep tuned in for more tips and basics in the coming weeks!


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