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Garden Water Features

Updated on March 2, 2010

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the look and atmosphere of your surroundings then garden water features are the way to go. Ranging from small self-contained fountains to large ponds with multi-level flowing water, there’s a water feature available to suit every garden.

A water feature can be as simple as a small pond or a complicated network of flowing water – the only limit is your imagination and your budget! Simple or complex, a water feature will become the focal point of any garden.

Moving garden water features look impressive but are surprisingly simple. They consist of a pump and some type of structure for the water to be pushed through – all you need is a power source and a container for water to enjoy the look and sound of flowing water in your garden. The sound of flowing water is very relaxing and can make your garden into a more pleasant place to be.

photo by europealacarte on flickr
photo by europealacarte on flickr

The addition of a pond will also allow you to grow aquatic plants, which in turn can attract a large variety of butterflies and birdlife. You can of course also put fish in your garden pond, which usually thrive in the natural environment and live for many years. Over time your pond will attract frogs and you’ll soon have a real nature area in your garden.

Making your own flowing water feature is easy – just buy a pump and some plastic tubing and you can direct the water to a construction that you build yourself. This method works great for more natural looking water features – you can build a pile of stones around the water tube and the water will flow from the top as if by magic.

There are now many types of water features available for purchase in garden centers and home improvement stores. It’s easy to find one that will suit your budget and aesthetic. Traditional fountains look great in formal gardens. They can be small and unobtrusive or large and impressive. A bamboo water feature will look great in a Chinese or Japanese themed garden. These bamboo water features often have a clever movement mechanism that you may end up watching for hours! If your garden is more of a modern style then a stainless steel water feature will look great. If budget is no object, there are a number of sophisticated water features on the market with complicated displays and lights so you can continue to enjoy your water feature after sunset – sure to impress the neighbors!

To keep your water feature flowing and working as well as it did when you bought it, you’ll need to clean the filter on your pump every few months to clear algae which will clog the system over time.


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