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Choosing Stone Fireplace designs

Updated on April 19, 2011

When ever you have a stone fireplace in a room it is always the center of attraction. It is also very important that you get it corret the first time because these firplaces are extremely costly to remove.These stone fireplace designs will have your room looking like a piece of art.

Lets think about a country style design.That country style will warm the atmosphere in the room like an old fashion country biscut. Of course cobblestone or even river rubble are organic choices for this particular design. You'll also wish to pick a rock or fake stone which has different colours in it which range from peach, brown or gray to obtain that genuine river rock look.

Natural stone is nothing to be scared of, its something everyone can appreciate a little. There are several ways to design these elements so that everyone would not only appreciate but love it. You can find the stacked rock and roll that imitates more of the brick design. It is a small softer searching and less traditional then large rock because of the organic lines of every of the gemstones. Plus, classy stone currently comes come up with in its personal color palettes to help you be assured that you are getting just about all beige or even peach coloured rock rather than being surprised at Mother Nature.

Make sure your fireplace designer fits your taste as well as your budget. If you budget just try doing a rock fireplace surround after which go with the mantle on the top. Newer houses often have a good alcove for that TV on top. With toned screens this particular really is not as necessary however, you want to make certain your Television is at an appropriate height. Houses are often created this way so there will not be dueling focal points.

Finding balance is key to the whole operation. Find the exact amount of stone that suits your room but does ruin the decor is the best design plan you can have. You might want to opt for a lower user profile river rock and roll with plenty of grout outlines if you don't would like the item to stand in your room. You may also add a layer and a fireplace encompass out of the coordinating materials. This will make your own rock fireplace designs more diverse from all of your neighbours. It also provides you with the opportunity to personalize the item to the size of your room so it's an ideal fit.


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    • profile image 14 months ago

      Great idea for lighting on fireplace--are lights put INTO beam what suggestions for unique idea. Thanx

    • profile image

      Helen 3 years ago

      what is the name of the stone in this picture please?