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Choosing The Right Front Door: The Big Questions

Updated on May 17, 2013

Sure, people walk past doors every day. So long as it serves that purpose, we think of these movable structures as something that do not have a need for upgrading. They need not look classy, as they are there to separate spaces and not look pretty. What we fail to grasp is that it actually has an aesthetic role to play in making an impression of what lies beyond.

Over the years, researchers have talked about how majority of entry doors from all stretches of the globe either do not complement the general structure of certain homes or are way older than the house itself. Why make a big fuss about it, you ask? The door is basically the very first thing your guests catch sight of when dropping by. It reflects your personality as a homeowner. It tells so much about your tastes. Therefore, knowing how to choose a front door is important.

But stop right there. No need to rush! Before you seek out the one that best suits your home and personal style, ask yourself the following questions:

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Question #1

What is the general architecture of my house? Choosing the right front door is so much easier when you determine whether your house is on the traditional or contemporary side. If it’s the former, then go for something that matches the style: Country, Victorian, Tudor, Colonial. If it’s the latter, your best bet is to avoid those with intricate details, which never go well with the smooth and slick lines that distinguish the contemporary charm.

Question #2

Which style do I prefer – simple or fancy? The key here is to go for one that will attract even the most discerning home design snob in the planet. Combine transoms and door panels for a more appealing look. Include sidelights, or better yet, have windows (of any shape) integrated into the door’s main body.


Question #3

Is it intended for increased security? Apart from design, of course this should rank among the highest on your priority list. Opt for a door type that features a wider distance between the lockset and the deadbolt. The frame must also be well-constructed, tight, and strong.

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Question #4

What material do I go for? This is crucial as the right material tones with your preferred style. Good Mood in Wood: Wooden doors are effortlessly warm and inviting. The catch? Moisture causes it to rot. High Class in Fiberglass: Fiberglass have an energy-efficient core, and comes with a grainy pattern that almost resembles wood. Strong Appeal of Steal: Available in all sorts of style, a high-grade steel door can last a lifetime with little maintenance.

When you’re done choosing the right front door, you may then boost its appeal even more by selecting the perfect color. Classic Style homes are well matched with such classic colors as black, dark blue, and burgundy; while modern ones are best perked up with lighter colors.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Thank you for this focus on the front door. Very interesting and informative.


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