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Choosing The Right Toilet Seat for Your Bathroom

Updated on April 26, 2013

If you want to revamp your bathroom within a limited budget the best way is to replace the worn out fittings with the new ones. You can replace your faucet, shower head, towel rail, a toilet seat which help give a unique look to your bathroom. The best toilet seat would be the one that matches your bathrooms theme and create wonders.

A glance at your toilet bowl will let you know whether your toilet is regular or an elongated one. If you are not confident then you can measure the distance from front to back as to ensure that you buy the perfect fit for your toilet. Manufacturers introduces new and new varieties of toilet seats in the market with varying styles and sizes to add extra to your bathroom.

If you want your bathroom to appear luxurious and stylish it is better to go for a wooden toilet seat as it is warm and comfy. The plastic toilet seats are the most common toilet seats that are both practical and good looking. Also wooden toilet seats being available in different shades help you break the boredom and gives a natural look and feel to your bathroom providing high comfort level. The oak toilet seat evoke rustic look is equipped with built in hinges either in brass or chrome finish.

With the passing of time scratches, dirt and marks develop on the seat, therefore, cleaning and maintenance should be taken into consideration. The toilet seat ensures us to have a happy healthy life and prevent the spread of germs and bacteria’s. plastic seats are more easier to clean and maintain compared to the wooden ones. Further if any member of your family is suffering from knee aches or is physically disabled you can also go for toilet seat elevators or low level toilets with seat warmer to have a great time. For more information on toilet seat visit at


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