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Choosing Your Custom Hot Tub

Updated on May 27, 2017

Having a hot tub waiting on you after a long day at work is a wonderful thing. When you have spent the day dealing with a long list of stressors, knowing that you can sit and relax with a glass of wine as water jets massage your body – that is the ultimate in unwinding. But, this can only happen, if you have a hot tub that suits your needs.

Fortunately, you can opt for any number of features designed to make your hot tub time everything you might want it to be. So, what type of custom features do you want to consider for personal tub spa?

Favorite Hot Tub Features for Homeowners

Number of Seats

Your spa tub is not relegated to a specific size or number of seats. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to install the smallest or the biggest available. Think realistically about just how many people will be in your tub at any given time, then choose then number of seats accordingly. Bigger is not necessarily better, a smaller tub will be just as relaxing and with less upkeep, too!


Like seats, there can be as many jets as you might wish, and they can all serve different purposes and abilities. Again, think about the type of benefits you want your hot tub to provide and choose the jets based on that. If you are looking for a massage, then select jets that have maximum power and then have them placed where they will help you most physically. Lower for your feet and higher for neck, back and shoulders. If you are more inclined to use the hot tub as a way to soak and just chill, then consider have less forceful jets.


Keeping a spa tub clean is something we don’t always think about when dreaming about having a hot tub. But, regardless, it is a part of owning one. So, spend time looking at the various types of pumps and filtration systems available for the tub you are considering. The types of chemicals you opt for can vary as though are somewhat based on preference, but it is wise to talk to several people who have spa tubs and learn what they recommend.


Be sure to select a tub that has an excellent filtration system. Doing this will help keep the water clean and clear, and make the tub more pleasurable for you to use. Look for a hot tub that uses technology to make it even easier to keep your tub looking great.


Don’t try to skimp on cost by choosing an inexpensive cover, or not opting for a cover at all. Having a sturdy cover that keeps the debris out when the tub is not in use will make your water look better, make maintenance easier, and can even help your filtration system last longer.

Once you have determined the Must Have features of the hot tub of your dreams, then talk to a local distributer of home spa tubs and learn what it will take to get one at your house. After all, don’t you think it is time you make a place to relax without having to go out of town? Talk to a spa and hot dealer today!

Many websites provide additional information on the topic of custom hot tubs. One such site worth visiting is

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