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Quality Oak Coffee Tables

Updated on August 13, 2013

Coffee tables are an important addition to most living rooms, as although they are not the largest piece of furniture in the room, they tend to have a focal spot in the centre of the sitting area. You will be able to find a standard coffee table in just about any shop that sells furniture items or department stores; however, these copy tables are probably not what you would call quality, and are designed more for their function than as an attractive item that can add value to the home. for the best quality coffee tables, oak is an excellent choice.

Unusual oak and glass coffee table
Unusual oak and glass coffee table | Source

Choosing Your Oak Coffee Table

Oak coffee tables make an attractive centerpiece in the living room that will match extremely well with just about any other furniture and decor you have in place.

The demand for oak furniture and coffee tables has increased in recent years, as people are looking to buy furniture items that are attractive yet durable. As demand increases, so does production and you will find there are some magnificent designs available for oak coffee tables from a number of manufacturers. Oak coffee tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there will be something to suit all tastes and budgets.

One of the many desirable attributes of oak furniture is that it blends in well with other furniture pieces that you may already own, Including pieces made from materials other than wood. However, it is important to consider any existing furniture before choosing your oak coffee table. For example, if your living room is decorated in a contemporary style with lots of geometric shapes and angles; a round oak coffee table will not fit in so well, and maybe a rectangular or square table would be a better option.

The Durability of an Oak Coffee Table

Oak is a very hard wood that is very long-lasting and is ideal for furniture. The durability of oak furniture is due to its very low absorption of moisture, and it is also bug and fungi resistant; therefore your oak furniture will not be susceptible to mould or woodworm. Although there are cheaper types of furniture than oak, no other timber can match the durability, elegance or strength of solid oak furniture items.

Caring for Oak Coffee Tables

Every few months your oak coffee table should be waxed, particularly during the first few years after purchase. This will help to keep the grain in good condition and the wood will not be so likely to crack. Waxing should be done by using a clean soft cloth and stroking in the same direction as the wood grain, rather than rubbing in circles. A second clean soft cloth should then be used to buff lightly over the surface.

As with any genuine wood; coasters should be used under hot or cold beverages, to avoid marking the surface.When a ring or other Mark appears, this can sometimes be removed with a little butter or margarine; rubbed onto the stain and left overnight. A light buff over in the morning is usually all that is required to leave the surface looking as good as new.


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