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Choosing a Comfortable Mattress used

Updated on August 27, 2016
Divan Bed with Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress
Divan Bed with Memory Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress

Choosing Mattresses

As we spend a large percentage of our time in our beds, it is important to find the most comfortable bed and mattress that we can. Choosing a comfortable mattress can be quite daunting however, as there are so many to select from: Pocket sprung, open coil, memory foam, orthopaedic; where to begin? What is the difference between pocket sprung and open coil? What exactly is memory foam and do I really need an orthopaedic mattress? All these questions need to be answered before deciding upon the ideal mattress for our needs.


Pocket Sprung

Pocket sprung mattresses contain hundreds of individual springs which are enveloped in separate pockets of fabric, to ensure that weight is evenly distributed and roll together is unlikely, even when two people of differing weights are sharing a bed. The individual fabric pockets also protect the springs and increase their life span.

Open Spring
Open Spring

Continuous Coil or Open Spring

A continual coil or open spring mattress has all the springs joined together; they may be one long continuous length of wire fashioned into hundreds of springs, or they can be separate springs that are then join together with wire, and usually with a heavier metal framework for extra support. Stuffing is added inside the mattress to provide a more solid surface, and open spring mattresses come in different levels of firmness; soft, medium and firm. These are the most well-known type of mattress and those which are more commonly used in homes in the UK, although as mattresses need replacing, so consumers are looking towards new developments and trends.

Memory Foam on Pocket Sprung
Memory Foam on Pocket Sprung

Memory Foam

One of these trends today is the memory foam mattress, or mattresses with a memory foam layer on the top. Memory foam is designed to contour itself to the body’s shape and weight, with the intention of providing maximum comfort. A very popular choice nowadays is for a pocket sprung mattress with a top layer of memory foam, which provides the user with the best of both worlds.

Orthopaedic with Memory Foam
Orthopaedic with Memory Foam


For anyone with back problems or other aches and pains that may disturb sleep; an orthopaedic mattress could be the ideal solution. These are most often ordered in the firm tension, but are also available in the majority of mattress tensions, while orthopaedic mattresses are also made with open spring technology.

4 inch thick Topper
4 inch thick Topper

Mattress Toppers

For those who have a mattress which is still reasonably new and fairly comfortable; a mattress topper can be purchased in memory foam or other materials, to give your existing mattress a different feel and extra comfort. These mattress toppers are also useful when a mattress is beginning to show signs of wear but is not yet ready to be replaced. They come in different thicknesses; usually between one inch and four inches thick, and in all mattress sizes from children's bed size up to adults king size.

Comfort is Paramount

It really is vitally important to have a very comfortable bed and mattress, not only to avoid aches and pains from bad posture, but also to ensure relaxation and an optimal night’s sleep; so that we awaken refreshed and ready to face the new day.

It is helpful to buy online, to save hours of trudging from one store to another, and it is also possible to have your next day delivery mattress from online suppliers; which is not usually possible from land based retailers.

Luxurious Real Leather


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