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Choosing a Duvet for the Right Season and for Your Temperature Needs.

Updated on August 2, 2016

If opposites attract then there are a lot of us cold people who are married to or bed-sharing with partners who are part-polar bear! One person is too cold and the other is too hot at night if the duvet is the wrong Tog.

So when you’re buying a duvet, what’s the answer so that you’re both happy?

Know Your Togs.

Most duvets have a Tog rating to indicate their thermal performance. As a guide:

Tog 4.5 - 6.0 is duvet suitable for summer use or use in warm climates.

Tog 7.5 – 12 is suitable for cooler climates/seasons.

Tog 13.5 – 15 is best for colder climates/seasons.

The temperature of the person sleeping next to you and your own body temperature will influence the Tog of the duvet you want to buy, as well as the temperature of the room you sleep in.

Summer and Winter Duvets.

Low-Tog duvets that clip together to make a higher-Tog duvet are ideal if you live in a climate with distinct warm/cool seasons and have storage space for one of them during the summer.

These are often called all-season duvets and there are several good brands but Fogarty is one of the best.

For storage, the vacuum storage units to the right are recommended for this and can be tucked under your bed or in a divan drawer. They will keep out dust and bugs so that the duvet fresh when you come to use it again.

What about polar bears and cold-blooded creatures who share a bed?

One solution for partners with differing temperature needs is to look for a duvet with different Togs in one.

They work by having 1 main duvet in a double, king or super king size, and half duvets which are half the width of the main. You can tailor make your duvet by clipping together half pieces to your desired thickness and warmth. The picture below is from and demonstrates this so you can build your duvet to meet your needs using little poppers.

It fits into your normal duvet cover and doesn’t look bumpy or lumpy.

Other specialist sites sell these so look on Google for ‘partner duvets’, ‘his and hers duvets’, ‘split tog duvets’ ‘2 tog duvets’ or ‘dual tog duvets’. Use a price comparison site to find bargains on the internet or in stores in your area.

There’s more duvet-buying advice on

How the his and hers duvet works.
How the his and hers duvet works. | Source


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