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Choosing a Modern Chandelier

Updated on June 1, 2011

Your Chandelier's Job

Before going modern chandelier shopping, or even before buying any type of lighting, it's important to do the research. A chandelier can have as little or as lot of an impact upon a room or several rooms as you'd like. A modern chandelier can serve as a simple piece of furniture giving off needed light, or can be turned into the centerpiece, or focal point of a room. When deciding upon a chandelier, there are several important factors to consider. The most crucial are location, sizing, price, style, and usage of lighting, all of which will be discussed in this article.

The Modern Chandelier

When you think of a typical chandelier, what comes to mind? Old, gaudy and huge, right? Or even the nice classic ones look sparkly but much too large and "Presidential or Hotel-lobby like". If you're decorating your house in a modern or contemporary design, it's still possible to use modern chandeliers! Modern chandeliers can be the perfect match to your clean lines and chic furniture. Although the modern chandelier has become more decorative than for lighting, you still want to be sure you have the best of both worlds.

A gorgeous wire chandelier. Definite focus on design, rather than lighting.
A gorgeous wire chandelier. Definite focus on design, rather than lighting. | Source

Modern Chandelier LOCATION

Location is probably going to be your number one deciding factor when choosing a modern chandelier. What room are you choosing to light with a chandelier? Think deeper than just saying that you're lighting a dining room. What are your main purposes for that dining room? Do you often entertain in there? Do you have sit-down family meals every night? Consider what you use the room for most, and go from there. Try to envision some ideal scenes you'd like to have occur in that space. Whether it's for a sport's bar area, kids room or living room, where you plan on existing with the modern chandelier will determine what kind you get.

If you really have no idea where to get started with this, try doing some research online or buy some interior décor books for inspiration and ideas. A book is $10, but a chandelier and your home is a much larger investment!


Modern Chandelier Sizing

Choosing the right size for your modern chandelier is extremely important because you want to evoke the right balance in your design scheme. If all your furniture in the room are tiny and you have a ceiling to floor chandelier, the room can be completely dwarfed by the lighting. Choose the right size chandelier appropriate to your room size. For me personally, this is much more dependent upon the room size in height rather than in length and width. Let's say you are choosing a chandelier for the entry way, and your entry way is quite small, but very, very tall. (Two or even three stories). In this situation, it is perfectly acceptable to get a large, or even huge installation piece lighting to add some drama to the entry room. If you aren't decorating for a hotel, try and maintain some modesty. If the modern chandelier itself is extremely long in length, keep it fairly short. You are after all, going for a modern look, which is mainly about simplicity, clean lines and a uniqueness.

Modern Chandelier Prices

Of course you know that traditional chandeliers can come with a hefty price tag, all that crystal! However modern chandeliers have a wider range of prices, and is more priced the way art it, rather than furniture. Let me explain: With traditional chandeliers, the pricing is pretty set. A 3-tier crystal chandelier is going to always cost more (around $2000) than a one tier chandelier because there's more crystal. With modern chandeliers, there really isn't a way to place a cost on the unique ideas, wiring etc. The "artist" or chandelier maker chooses to name a certain price for a piece of art, the way artists do. Yes, it's a matter of materials as well, but you're mostly paying for the idea and handi-work. (Like art.)


Choosing a Chandelier Style

There are numerous modern chandelier styles out there. This is mainly because the artist has free reign to design whatever they please, or whatever they think will appeal to buyers. You could purchase a paper, wire, lace, crystal, glass, iron or even a chandelier made out of recycled items! (Yes, I've seen it all!) One of my favorite design ideas is to pair a colored chandelier with modern furniture. Often times, modern furniture is quite neutral as patrons favor white, beige and black. So that pop of color would accentuate the design of the room as well as serve as the room's focal point.


Usage of Lighting!

What would your chandelier typically be lighting in that space? It is for a children's reading room? Dining room? A meditation room? The lighting of a space sets the tone and mood of a room, so be sure to get it right. If it's an area where people will be reading, studying or working, you want to have great, bright lighting that is far-reaching. If you're looking for a swanky lounge area, keep the lighting dimmed to create an ambiance. Keeping the usage of lighting in mind is incredibly important in choosing a chandelier.

Buy Your Modern Chandelier


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    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 7 years ago from California

      BkCreative: I also am in love with chandeliers. Ever since I decided to get one for my future ginormo closet, I've been window shopping like crazy. Thanks for the insightful comments! I love reading them.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I loooove chandeliers - and it seems a home is not complete unless there is one hanging spectacular chandelier. It sets the tone. Beautiful hub. Thanks a million.

      Rated up!