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Choosing colors for your springtime painting in the home

Updated on November 19, 2015

Interior Painting

colored fabric layers
colored fabric layers | Source

looking for colors for your home interior

I have been there. Looking in the Lowes home improvement center's paint department. I would take several color charts home and my wife would go over them before deciding on one or two colors for the rooms in our house.

Needless to say it can be quite a task. Sometimes looking at those little rectangles on the paper all look the same. You see a small area of color but that doesn't account for what the color would look under lighting in the home and sunlight through the windows. Also, when an entire wall is covered with a single color it looks a lot more intense than when the color is being considered looking at it in a small rectangle along with hundreds of other colors.

My advise is to purchase a sample of the two or three colors that you think you might want and if possible find a piece of plywood where you paint the entire surface, allow to dry and examine it in contrast to the second color, also painted on another piece of plywood and under the lighting conditions of your home or the specific room you plan on painting that color or those colors. By the time the paint dries you will have been enabled to determine if this or these color combinations will work. Then consider flat, semi-gloss, high gloss and so forth. It's all important to consider.

After you get the paint you need for you project, you need to make sure that you have all of your supplies, painting mask, gloves, brushes, rollers, drop cloth, painting clothes, wash cloths for spills, because accidents happen. Once you get home save your receipt and scan it to your personal computer and print out a few copies. You may already know that most cash registers print out on thermal paper and the information on them fade in a short period of time but a copy, printed on computer printer paper will last for a very long time as proof of purchase with the codes that represent the colors you have purchased and remember not to let the label on top of the paint can get covered up so you can read the code on it as well.

Now, its time to get to the basics of painting. You will want to remove house plants, that is why you are painting in the springtime, so the plants can go out on the porch temporarily because the paint fumes are harmful to them as well as you and that is why you ventilate your area you are painting and cover your face with a special painter's mask.

You will need to cover the furniture and floors with inexpensive clear painter's drop cloth. Keep pets out of the area and warn others who live in the house not to touch wet painted surfaces. Now paint just one wall first. This is the only way you can be sure you will be happy with the color. It is better to stop at one wall than after an entire room has been done. You can always go over the one wall with a different color if you are not satisfied with the appearance!

Well, you know they shake the cans at the store but did you know that you should stir your paint after a day or more of setting on the garage floor? Get enough extra paint stir sticks and a few can openers and a few hand held pint sized buckets to pour just enough into them from the main paint can for easy handing. I can tell you from experience a paint can can cut off the circulation to your fingers if you hold onto it for any length of time. Of course they sell a special bucket handle gripping tool that enables picking up and holding a gallon of paint but who wants to do that?

Masking tape is required for you to separate trim and windows from walls and to separate the walls from the floor and the walls from the ceiling to insure a perfectly clean line. It's all about being prepared, and in agreement with your better half if you are married. Nothing worse than a big disagreement between spouses over paint colors! You might actually want to practice using 2 inch or 3 inch masking so you can get into the practice of doing it right. Many people do not do this very well at first and become frustrated. There is some degree of skill involved in using masking tape to paint along edges between surfaces.

You must decide between lively colors like green, yellow, white, blue or pastel variations of these colors. You can use earth colors like brown and grey as well. These are all good. I usually go for balsam green for the living room but that is my own personal taste. You be the judge and enjoy painting in the springtime. The main thing is, your room will reflect a certain mood or emotion that will affect you and your guests so think carefully. What colors fit your particular mood? Once you get started you will be quite anxious to see the improvements you have made not only on revitalizing your home environment but giving things a fresh new look.

Using objects in every day life for color references is another good idea. For example, you might like the color of a banana or a chocolate brownie that you might consider as a natural color to use on furniture, or for cabinetry or trim. Not to mention the colors of fabric on furniture and other objects that go well together to blend in the area so that colors and textures all are color coordinated to your liking.


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