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Choosing the Best Chain Saw Helmet

Updated on April 9, 2011

Deciding on safety gear is always a smart decision, but every piece of protective gear has its own features that make it stand out. A chain saw helmet is no exception. There are dozens of companies and many different models of logging helmets on the market today. Finding the right one may seem overwhelming especially since many people order them on the web without the luxury or convenience of trying them on first. Fortunately, there are some desired features that make choosing a great chain saw helmet easy.

Arborists, handymen, professional landscapers, and, of course, loggers all use these great helmets to ensure safety around falling limbs and while cutting wood. No helmet will guarantee absolute safety, but it is important to increase the chances for survival from an accident and to also increase basic levels of comfort.

Safety Features of a Chain Saw Helmet

There are many basic things that a helmet should have. A high visibility color is one of the easiest things to find in this protective headgear. Bright yellow or safety orange is best. This helps the user keep track of the helmet outdoors and reduces time in locating someone during an accident and allowing others to track people in the area.

The hardhat should also have a face shield. A flip up visor is best so it can be moved out of the field of vision when not in use. Many people prefer a nylon coated mesh shield because it is less prone to scratches than a plastic shield. Even fine nylon can allow sawdust and tiny bits of wood through so many people opt for goggles as extra protection.

Built in earmuffs are a must. Long term hearing loss in very common amongst chain saw users, but this does not have to be the case. Attached earmuffs keep the protection always at the ready. Noise reducing earmuffs only protect when worn! A good helmet should offer a noise reduction rating of 20 decibels or more. Many will boast a NRR of 23 or 25. A chain saw roars along at over 100 decibels so this makes noise reduction critical to protect long term hearing.

Comfort Features of a Chain Saw Helmet

Once the three way protective features of color, face screen and earmuffs are covered it is time to check for some other comfort features that will increase the likelihood the user will keep and wear the helmet. A suspension system in a 4 or 6 point framework will distribute weight evenly and add comfort. A perspiration absorbing headband is a great feature found on the best helmets. Many people in wet climates also opt for models that have a removable rain shield for the neck.

As more and more people tackle do-it-yourself projects involving power tools, injuries are bound to happen. A chain saw helmet should be used in conjunction with chain saw pants or chain saw chaps to reduce the risk of a life-threatening injury. They can be purchased at many larger home improvement centers or online at many sites including Amazon.


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