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Choosing the Proper Contractor

Updated on February 10, 2018

Look At Their Past Projects.

Take the time to see past projects, talk to past clients. If a contractor doesn't want you to see past jobs, or talk to past clients, and (the most important) is pushy, or too eager to get that contract signed, when you haven't checked , or seen any actual work. " Pictures may tell a thousand words," but..... do not tell the truth.. See it for yourself.

An honest person will comply..



Who Is The Proper Contractor

The proper contractor in better words a contractor who actually knows what they are doing aren't really hard to find if you know what to look for. The problem is that anyone can say anything about...well... anything. Unless its verified, it may not exist. Even if its verified it may not exist. That's what the problem is, nobody checks.

A Contractors' Garage


Don't Take Their Word For It.

Most times we just take the contractors word for it. Could be a mistake, especially finding out halfway through the project...uh oh oh,,,, we have problems.

Ask for References.

Most contractors will allow you to talk to their past clients for reference reasons. Making sure that you are not going to get ripped off, check with their references, see if they are really happy.

The information on this blog is intended to help with the tasks of renovating and other home improvement tips.

Information is pure and taken from experts who are working tradesmen/women and have years of knowledge and experience.

You are welcome to visit my other site, titled "Kitchen Ideas and Designs." and "New kitchen or Reface".

Honest Contractors Work Hard

Believe it or not there are hard working honest contractors out there there are not about the money. The may be expensive (as renovations are) but honest contractors with integrity and morals will loose money to cover mistakes and misjudgements just to make sure the job gets done properly, efficiently, and to customer satisfaction. The best contractors have an eye so sharp that when they are satisfied, the customers are generally ecstatic.

Canadian Contractor

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Millwork Toronto

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    • Phil Dapple profile image

      Phil Dapple 7 years ago from Ontario,Canada

      Yes it is important to do your research on some of these contractors. Word of mouth referrals are simply the best.

    • relica profile image

      relica 8 years ago from California

      I absolutely agree. The time to research your contractor is BEFORE they start your project, not halfway through. Great hub!