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Choosing the Right Shower Tray

Updated on June 6, 2012

The right shower tray for your bathroom

Nowadays, homeowners and prospective homeowners usually place much emphasis on their bathrooms. They often spend much thought and a lot of money on things like frameless shower doors, quarried tile, vessel sinks, and unique tubs. One thing that’s often overlooked, however, is the shower tray. Find out more about shower trays at Plumbing Point. It's on the net.

What’s a shower tray? Also called a shower pan, a shower tray is the bottom of the shower – the part you stand on. It’s the base of the shower, so you might say it’s the very foundation of your shower. The shower tray determines the shape and durability of your shower unit, so choosing the right one is very important.

Homeowners have a wide selection of shapes and styles of shower trays, in addition to composition. Of course, they also come in different colors, making it possible to match or complement your bathroom décor.

Shower tray materials

A popular and inexpensive shower tray is the high glass acrylic tray. This shower tray is made of acrylic that’s reinforced with fiberglass. These acrylic trays are lightweight and are usually resistant to stains and scratches. Many have a textured surface to make them resistant to slips and falls. The ones that are reinforced with fiberglass offer extra durability.

Another type of shower tray is the steel enamel tray. These are incredibly durable and can be almost flush with the floor, making them an excellent choice for those in wheelchairs.

Stone resin shower trays are becoming very popular because of their inherent beauty, their rigidity, and their durability. These trays are made of a mixture of natural stone and resin, and most are topped with an acrylic gel layer, making them warm to the touch.

For a homeowner wanting a truly beautiful shower, copper shower trays are available. These usually have a hammered surface to provide texture for sure footing. In addition to pure copper, nickel-plated copper shower trays are also available. The copper trays are often found in circular shapes and have elegant claw feet.

Shapes of shower trays

Shower trays come in several shapes. The traditional square is great for small bathrooms, especially for corner shower units. For larger bathrooms, rectangular shapes are popular and are often the first choice for walk-in showers. Two other shapes that are real space savers are the quadrant and the pentagonal trays. The quadrant is like a pregnant triangle – two sides are straight and form a right angle, and the third side is curved. A larger version of the quadrant is the offset quadrant shower tray, which is an elongated version. The pentagonal shower tray is a five-sided tray that’s basically a square with one corner removed.

A unique shower tray shape is the circular tray. These are real space savers and provide a lot of interest to a bathroom. Another interesting shape is the bow-front tray, which in in the shape of a "U."

How much does a shower tray cost?

Shower trays have a huge price range, depending on the shape, size, and material you choose. Prices start at just a little over $100 and range upward to over $1,500. Remember, however, that a cheap shower tray might not be the best value in the long run, while a more expensive shower tray can last for years and years without having to be replaced.


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    • profile image 6 years ago

      Question: What is the smallest size power room to vert to a smallest shower? One piece including floor and half circle siding door. My area measures 3'x6'6" finished I can add 15" to 6' 6" and 12" to the 3'or 36" side; walkin door 24" and a vanity 22"x 36" at one end and a toilet 12x16x20inches at the other end of the room. Can you help?

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      Oh, Audrey, you should see the to-do list I have for Johnny!

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      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

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      Your hubs are making me want to redesign our bathrooms - yikes - better not tell Bob that!

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      Another great hub, habee. I never paid attention to shower trays before.

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      Veronica Allen 8 years ago from Georgia

      It's funny habee, since I live in an apartment, I've never paid any attention to little household neccessities such as these. However, this is great information, since it will help me see what to look for whenever we decide to get a house.

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      Holle Abee 8 years ago from Georgia

      I hope to make good use of them, too, Ethel! lol

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      We have so much choice these days. I better save all your hubs for when we get a new bathroom

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      Your bathroom hubs have been great. Lots of new types of things to choose from now.

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      Thank you, habee, for giving details about showertrays which help to choose the right one.

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      Sandy and Chris, thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment!

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