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Choosing the right furniture

Updated on January 6, 2014

The basic rules

  • What will you use the furniture you want to buy?
  • You will use often?
  • Do you have children?
  • Will there any pets in the house?

All these factors influence the type of furniture that fits your needs. Heat and fire resistance property, durability and delicate furniture that emphasize aesthetics are the things you will ultimately decide.

How much space do you have?

For your new acquisition to be in harmony with that you already have, take measurements of the room and determine the size it should have. Consider the existing furniture so that the proportions are respected.

What is your budget?

Define what you are willing to pay, depending on the quality you want and the life of the furniture. If you are one of those who love often change the design, you need to ruin. By cons, if you're more conservative, top quality, which often goes with the price, you will keep your furniture longer.

The sofa

Sofa is probably the most expensive component of living room furniture. Take the time to choose.

Points to watch:

  • The cover: Leather, fabric or synthetic? All have their advantages and disadvantages. The uses you make of your sofa dictate your choice. If you have young children or pets, a removable and washable liner can be a good solution.
  • Structure: Hardwood structures are stronger than plywood. Make sure the rails are also made ​​of wood, and were pinned, screwed and glued.
  • Suspension: Springs or straps? In general, spring suspensions are more resistant but suspensions straps are more comfortable. Whether you choose one or the other, remember that there are more springs or straps inside the couch to be comfortable.
  • The padding: Whether you prefer soft or firm pillows, make sure foam cushions or high resilience for comfort.
  • Seat: One of the most overlooked yet important points. The seat should allow you to have legs that rest on the ground and the record must properly support the back to the top. If you press without feeling resistance, it is a bad sign.

Booster Seats

A good extra chair quickly became our favorite chair, where we enjoy reading and lounging.

Points to watch:

  • The seat depth: A good chair should fit your body type, depending on the length of your thighs and legs. The space behind the knee should not be compressed by the cushion.
  • Padding: The chair should be soft while supporting back.
  • Armrests: The armrest height should allow having shoulders relaxed and elbows in line with shoulders.


Equally Important

Doors plays an important role in generating impression to the people visiting your home. In fact doors are the crucial parts of your home interior and exterior look and feel. Solid wooden doors with warm colors are the best choices if you want an elegant yet modern look. At the same time, it becomes equally important to choose the right wooden doors manufacturers who has the right tools and capabilities to produce high quality doors as per your requirements.


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