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How To Decorate With Christmas Wreaths

Updated on August 20, 2013

Time To Decorate Your Front Door

Driving down the street in our neighborhood this evening, it was easy to see that the Christmas spirit is in full swing. Decorations lit up several yards, trees were strung with lights and the roof tops had strands of color along their eaves. It isn't even December yet!

Well Thanksgiving is over and it is time for a Christmas wreath on the front door. If you don't decorate your yard, the least you CAN do is decorate your door with a Christmas wreath. It doesn't have to be an expensive endeavor. Whether you make one or buy one, don't miss this touch of Christmas for your home!

Simple Wreaths

Christmas wreaths can be simple and effective. Red berries are especially popular and look very festive when paired with a pretty ribbon. Ribbons do not have to be solid red or green, but can range from a colorful plaid to rich maroon shades. Try a white or gold or silver ribbon for a wreath with flair. Remember that it is winter and rather bleak outside. Brightening up your front door will provide some color on these gray days of winter.

The best part of a wreath is the greenery. Make sure the greenery is in good condition. Add a Christmas bell or other point of interest and accent it with a beautifully tied bow. Many of the floral shops will make your bow if you buy the ribbon. Some ribbon is easy to use and holds its shape well over time. Choose your ribbon carefully. Satiny ribbon can sometimes be difficult to tie.

Lights Anyone?

If you do not have a knack for crafts or a Christmas creative urge, purchase a beautiful wreath. Many of the wreaths sold today come with lighting. The lights are battery powered and cordless. These tiny lights will add warmth to your wreath and the entrance to your home.

Wreaths With Snow

If you are making your wreath, snow can be added from a spray can or add snow to a purchased wreath. I use newspaper on the ground to cover the surface and lay my wreath flat to spray.

Wreaths can be purchased with snow already on them. Red berries and bright ribbons make these wreaths very colorful.

Sparkle For Added Effect

Solid colored Christmas balls add glitter to any wreath. If you are making your own, add glitter as a finishing touch. You can buy a can of gold or silver spray to add sparkle. All of my wreaths receive a final spray of gold before hanging. It fills in the luster that my creativity may be lacking. Truthfully, it will add a professional look to your creation.

Christmas is all about glitter and sparkle. If you are purchasing a wreath for your door, the sparkle and glitter will reflect in the daylight and make your decoration more visible at night. The porch light or Christmas lights will reflect off of any shiny objects on your wreath.

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Indoor Christmas Wreaths

A wreath is easy to hang on a wall in your entrance or even over the fireplace. Your colorful decoration will add Christmas cheer to any room. Coordinate the bow colors with your room furniture and accent colors. I love a wreath over a rustic fireplace. If you have a large fireplace, use a large wreath. If your mantel is full of Christmas decoration, keep your greenery simple so that your guests will not be overwhelmed.

Wreaths can be used as centerpieces for your table. Decorate simply and add candles for a special effect. A lighted wreath will add atmosphere to your dinner.

"How To Make A Wreath"

With glue gun in hand, you can make a wreath in a matter of minutes. There are books that explain the details of making a great looking wreath. Be creative and let your decorating style come through in your design.

These wreaths make wonderful gifts. Do you have a relative in a nursing home? A wreath for their door is a wonderful way to brighten their room.

These decorations can be wrapped loosely in Christmas wrap or wrapped in a large box for gifting. Very large gift bags can be purchased to hide the wreath until Christmas morning.

The days are slipping by. Plan to make or purchase your Christmas wreath soon.Your front door tell the world that you have the Christmas spirit and will provide a warm Christmas welcome to your guests!


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