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Circular Sofas: The Key to Cozy-Looking and Comfy Spaces

Updated on July 1, 2013

My First Encounter With Circular Sofas

Earlier, I was a great fun of straight~sofas. Well, I donât mean I wonât shop for them anymore but circular sofas appeal to me more than any other kind of sofa.

It all started when I wanted to move into my new apartment. I had two sets of straight~sofas which I had actually used for quite a long time. It was only reasonable for me to dispose them and get some new ones. I felt I should try something new this time around. I actually did. After doing a lot of research on the various types available and considering the house I was moving into, I finally came to a conclusion that I should go for circular~couches.

I was still hesitant so I decided to look for those stores which had easy return policy. Anyway to cut the long story short, I finally ended up buying them online from amazon. I got them within some few days andâ¦well it was amazing to say the least.

I like the fact that these couches brought out the look I had been dreaming of all along. I can honestly say they are just terrific, at least according to me. You may be having a different opinion but if you have never tried them out, try some of the ones I have carefully selected below. We are also going to discuss tips on how to install them on your room as well as some other tips like where you can buy.

Image, it is available for purchase below.


Circular sofas cannot entirely replace traditional ones. This is because a circular sofa wouldn't allow for stretching out at complete. Therefore, in case you have many people spending time in your beautiful home occasionally sleep on your couches, then having a regular sofa together with your circular couch would be necessary.

Cool & Comfy Circular~Sofas:

You will love these cozy looking collection of loveseats and couches. They will serve you in a unique way.

Chatting with friends in these kind of lovely~sofas is that easy as you will sit facing each other, unlike when you are using straight couches.

Tip~~You may want to consider you wall color before making the purchase. Ensure that you choose the color which will blend well with your wall-color.

4-Piece Resin Wicker Malibu Curved Sectional Sofa with Ruby Red Cushions

Contemporary Furniture White Leather Curved Long Sectional Sofa with Matching Ottoman


Outdoor Wicker Furniture All~Weather Resin Round Patio Sectional Sofa-Set

Installation of Circular-Sofas

Things to be Taken into Consideration

Many critics of circular sofas believe that most are generally not quite simple to be installed in an area. These claims are however unfounded. This is because any circular-sofa can easily be installed, whether in corners or in the center of a room.

I wouldn't however recommend that you install your circular sofa in the center of your room. I find it perfect when a circular-sofa is installed in the corners whether in the veranda or in the living room.

There should also be a perfect color blending of this couch with the rest of the furniture in the room. A perfect wall-color match, will also bring a lot of elegance into your rooms.

If you have acquired a curved~sofa, you may want to mount it in the corner of your room. It would however be an ideal option to have a rounded-corner room. If you have a rounded corner room then, well and good but if you don't, do not worry yourself much because you will achieve the elegance by careful installation of these couches in the corner of your room.

After installing your circular~sofa, you can then improve it by playing around with its shape and designs. Use of round-shaped lampshade, circular flooring-surfaces, and circular designed wallpapers are generally ways one can nicely make additions to this particular shape in their room instead of just using the circular sofas.

Where can you acquire a Circular Sofa?

This is a million dollar question which is always in the minds of those who want to acquire these kinds of couches. Having tried it myself, I can honestly say it is not an easy thing to look for it by moving from one store to the next. I tried to walk to the several sofa-stores when I wanted to buy mine. It took me three days to find a single circular sofa which I didn't like either. Maybe the problem was on my side. Who knows, maybe I went to the wrong shops. However, the truth of the matter is, circular sofas are not the kind you can easily find on your local store.

After confirming that I could not get one on our local stores,I decide to acquire it online even though I like acquiring my furniture physically. Anyway, I purchased it from amazon. I did this because I liked their easy return policy. I actually did not have confidence in acquiring furniture online and so I had to play safe.

I was impressed by what was shipped to me. I am using it since then, in fact I have acquired two more sets from them and helped a couple of my friends to do the same.

I would therefore recommend that you buy them online, preferably from amazon or any other company you find fit. What you want to be sure of is that the company you buy from is the one you can trust, especially the one that people have used previously.

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    • profile image

      glassgaragedoors 4 years ago

      This is a really fun post, the pictures are great and I am going to look into getting an outdoor wicker set, the white one is beautiful!

    • surfingtheweb profile image

      surfingtheweb 4 years ago

      I really like the look of the circular couches. They look very cozy!