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Classic Retro Furniture-Ercol Tables and Chairs

Updated on March 29, 2011

Ercol Furniture

Ercol has just celebrated its 90th anniversary in the furniture business coinciding with a revival of mid century furniture which is becoming a must have item again. many of Ercol's classic designs are now being reissued and revived and it is Ercol's tables and chairs that are most in demand today.

Lucian Ercolani

Lucian Ercolani was born in Italy in 1888, and his family came to England and moved to London when he was very young bu tit was not long before he took evening classes in drawing and design at the  Shoreditch Technical Institute.  Ercolani's designs were very popular and he went on to work for  many companies, one of which is known today as Parker Knoll.

The Ercol brand as we know it today was set up in 1920, when Lucian opened for business at his shop in High Wycombe, which was then known as the chair making capital of England.

butterfly chair
butterfly chair

Curvy Designs

Lucian Ercolani was a great craftsman and he was the first to perfect the art of steam bending wood on avast scale.It was this new technique which led to his most famous creation the beechwood  Windsor chair which was introduced in 1947.

Ercolani's designs were shown off at trade fairs around Britain, and his work was immediately popular.He created simple affordable designs , the most successful being the butterfly chair still ever present today. Elegant nest of tables  and coffee tables followed in his now familiar curvy style.

Ercol Today

The company is run today by Ercolani's grandson Edward Tadros , keeping the tradition of a family run business.

Some of the original Ercol furniture has been restored, and you can buy the furniture pieces from antique dealers and it often appears on Ebay and  other similar auction sites.

One of the newer  up-dated designs is the trio of coffee nesting tables and these are available in both traditional walnut and beech  as well as a more modern lacquered finish.

Yes Ercol has moved on but the products still retain their quirky retro look.


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