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Clean Home in 1 1/2 Hours a Week

Updated on April 22, 2011

Clean fast and easy

So many homes are a mess. Stuff and dirt is all over the place. No one has dusted or vacuumed in months. These homes can be a hazard to the health of all in them. They are causing allergies and worse. It seems an overwhelming task to clean such homes. I'll address that after a bit on why you should clean.

Allergies can be triggered at any age. I developed them when I lived in a very polluted city for a year in my 20s. You can live in a dusty place for a long time and be fine, but then an overload signals some type of "on" switch. Now you have a life-time problem that is not easy to resolve. We know that cockroaches cause asthma, and that boys are especially susceptible. When we are young, 0-3, we need exposure to develop the immune systems, but kids get plenty of that without living in filthy homes.

So, you look around and feel despair. How can you clean this mess. That's another topic, but I'll make a suggestion here. Have a beautification party. Don't call it cleaning. If you live with others, plan a day and gather all people. If you live alone, invite 2 friends and plan to do their places the next week.  Put on energetic music. Open all the doors and windows. Have trash bags ready. Plan a meal out for after. Laugh together and clean!

Now to the basics of cleaning in 1 1/2 hour. I have a 900 sq. ft. home on one level, so, if your place is larger, add time. It's good to plan to clean the same time every week and play peppy music while you clean.

Move things like baskets, small rugs and garbage cans off the floors. Put washable rugs in the washing machine with towels, bathrobes and other fluffy cotton items. Wash on hot. This takes about 5 minutes.

If you have blinds, as I do, use a damp or treated duster or the brush attachment on the vacuum to clean them. Continue dusting anything up high. Vacuum all the floor and carpet areas. I have my furniture arraigned so it's not difficult to move away from walls. I put sliders under all heavy furniture so I can move it myself and clean behind. Vacuum the bathroom, too. It will make washing the floor easier. This step can take 1/2 to 3/4 hour.

Dust other surfaces with a damp cloth or treated duster. Don't redistribute dust to the floor. This task is easier if you don't allow clutter to infect your home to begin with. I like some small decorations, so I have to spend the time to dust them. 15 minutes

Damp mop bathroom and kitchen floors. I like to damp mop other non-carpeted floors. I have a large area in my home that is not carpeted. When you mop, move the mop from side to side and continually toward one area. This way you won't leave dirt and dust on the floor. 15minutes.

Clean sink with a soft rag (don't use abrasives) , toilet with brush and liquid chlorine (1 cup in toilet bowl), tub and shower with long handled brush or srubbie pad and cleaning liquid. 15 min.

Replace removed and moved rugs, etc. 5 minutes and your done. I didn't check if this adds up to 1 1/2 hour, but this is all you need to keep a home livable.

Reduce your work by taking shoes off at the door, putting dust filtering inserts in open windows, decorating with flat objects on walls (art, photos, tapestries), reduce or eliminate small objects on surfaces (put them in closed display case or shadowboxes on the wall), have children put away toys when finished playing (If you have to pick it up, it goes away for a week.), using vertical space, organizing your living spaces, etc. I'm full of Ideas, aren't I!

If keeping you living space clean seems overwhelming, you may be depressed. Consider this possibility and what you can do to change. Some people take a different attitude toward a task. They consider it a Zen-like experience, a prayer, a good deed. What could work for you?

I stopped cleaning to write this, so it's back to work. I will enjoy the sunlight coming through the windows and some music while I remove dust from surfaces. Happy Cleaning!


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