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How to Thoroughly Clean Quickly and Efficiently

Updated on February 27, 2015
Cleaning caddy
Cleaning caddy | Source

Cleaning kit

your cleaning kit must include:

  • All purpose cleaner lemon scented, to clean the kitchen and bathroom. Great for tiles and Lemons cut through grease and grime.
  • Duster: Microfiber cleaning cloths not only capture more dust but offer superior cleaning on mirrors and glass objects such as picture frames and windows.
  • Polish: Now this one is up to you, you may like to use beeswax or just plain spray polish like Pledge or Mr Sheen either way your furniture will thank you.
  • Cillit Bang: Sometimes you need a little help to get those taps rid of pesky lime-scale and make that chrome sparkle.
  • Vacuum cleaner: To clean the floor and if you have gaps by your cooker. also great to use on cushions to clean and then it makes it easier to fluff them up.
  • Steam cleaner: Optional but makes light work of burnt on grease and as its steam its safer to use on the environment and also great at cleaning curtains and freshening up fabrics.
  • Pan and brush: to sweep up hard to pick up objects so they don't clog up your vacuum cleaner.

washing soda.
washing soda. | Source

Washing soda uses:

Washing soda has many uses particularly:

  • it is used as a water softener in laundering especially good with hard water areas.
  • It can be used to remove grease, oil and wine stains. by putting 1 cup of washing soda to 600ml of water overnight. then in the morning you should Drain, squeeze lightly then was your clothes like normal.
  • Can be used to whiten whites by putting 2 tablespoons in your washing drawer with your chosen detergent.
  • Fluff up your towels: Submerge the towels overnight in a bucket/ bowl of water or even a sink with one cup of washing soda and then in the morning was them on a hot wash.

Onions | Source

The Onion Trick!

if you haven't heard of the onion trick before and have a rusty knife, then this is a tip for you. Just follow these steps.

  1. Peel a large onion.
  2. Stick knife into onion.
  3. Move the blade back and forth several times
  4. Let the onion juices do the trick.

Bang to your cleaning

Lets be honest and not kid ourselves. Many of today's cleaners simply don't perform, particularly on tough stains like baked-on grease, bathroom grime, soap scum and limescale. With all that scrubbing required, they leave you doing most of the hard work for minimal results.

Before you give up though, try Cillit Bang! It has a revolutionary, powerful cleaning formula that amazingly removes even the toughest stains and dirt right before your eyes. You need to see it to believe it. Or better yet do the penny test.

How often do you clean properly?

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Microfibre cleaning cloth
Microfibre cleaning cloth | Source


Make sure you spray the polish on to your cloth, not on the furniture. Microfiber cleaning cloths also work very well for dusting as well as for mirrors and glass.

Don't forget that when your dusting you are doing a general tidy-up as you go along. a good point is to remove cushions and sweep the debris out from under it before you vacuum.

Fast cleaning tips

Clean up fast with these quick tips,


Put a bag on door handle to gather up rubbish.

Flush the toilet then use bleach to scrub the sides of the toilet and put lid down and leave to work whilst you continue with other tasks.

Get a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and an equal amount of water and Lemon juice. Spray onto microfiber cloth and use to clean up soap scum and toothpaste spatters on Sinks, mirrors, taps and around the bath.

pay close attention to the bathroom cabinet mirror and go in one direction to see if you leave streaks and put away any medication.

Shake out your Bath mat to fluff it up so it looks recently hoovered. Next, flush that toilet And don't forget to take the plastic bag with you when you leave!


Pick up all the toys that are scattered and put then into a container to sort out later.

Take all big pieces of rubbish and put into a bin. Items such as paper, junk mail, wrappers and bottles.

Take out all of your dirty plates, cups and cutlery and then fluff up your cushions.

Use the vacuum cleaner on the floor and the attachments on the curtains and also the sofa.

Finally polish and dust all wooden and glass surfaces (tables and Sideboards) and wipe your television screen so it is dust free


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