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Cleaning Can Be Magical

Updated on July 25, 2011

Lemons make everything clean!

Long ago, I heard someone say, "cleanliness is next to Godliness," and over the years I've learned that may be true. I've noticed when my body and clothes are clean, I feel better. I've also learned when our homes and environment are clean and in order, we also feel in order, healthier, and are able to think better, sleep better and live better. Taking care of ourselves is one thing, but cleaning our homes can also be very helpful to our well being and can feel quite magical!

Cleaning our homes is a powerful act of magic and intent! When we clean, we're putting our intentions into action! Everything is connected and your home and environment mirrors you within, your internal environment! When you clean your home and close environment, you’re also cleaning your spirit, mind and body. When things are clean and in order, we can experience increased energy, happiness, clarity, health, better rest, prosperity and abundance. It also increases your ability to manifest your desires and dreams, and helps you to create what you want for your life! A clean and clear home helps with a clear mind and spirit! The first thing to do is to tackle the clutter and items in your home you no longer want or need. Doing this helps us to be able to clean, not just move things around and hinder the flow of energy by having too much. It’s not hard for things to get out of hand, with so much junk paper mail, clothes we don’t wear, novelty items we like or collect and things we think we may use later. Tackling the clutter is the first step to preparing your home for a deep cleaning, along with your life, inside and out!

Cleaning in a magical light rather than a dreaded, mundane sense of, “oh, I have to clean that again, I just did,” can help the cleaning chore seem lighter, more fun and go by quicker. It lifts our homes vibrational energy and ours too! It’s best if we can clean our homes with earth-friendly cleaning products and especially those we make ourselves. Making them ourselves puts even more positive energy into them as we’re mixing and creating them. Everything is connected and honoring Mother Earth with natural cleaning or green products can make our connection stronger and more positive. Our connection which all living things is a circle. When helping Mother Earth, our environment and all around us, is helping ourselves too. The faeries and good spirits will be more likely to visit our homes, gardens and plants when there are less toxins.

Using essential oils, flower essences and water when cleaning helps our health, our environment, our home energy and everything around us. I make most of my own cleaning products and have been becoming more and more conscious and aware of the ones I still use from the store. I feel in time, I won’t buy any from the store, just some of the ingredients to make my own, for cleaning just about everything!

More doesn’t always mean cleaner or better, sometimes it’s best to use more “elbow grease,” as my Mom and Dad used to say, than more cleaning products. (smile) For those that may not know that old saying, it means, work harder, scrubbing a bit harder, putting more of our own energy into it than anything else! Sometimes quicker and easier, isn't always the best way!

Cleaning can't always be put off until the weathers better, we feel better or when it fits into our sometimes hectic schedules. It has to be done, so if you're dreading it, why not plan and prepare one step at a time. Again, how we feel about cleaning can make a big difference! Perhaps one day, you could gather the ingredients you'll need to make your cleaners. Make a list of what you'll need to make them. With essential oils, the list is long, so choose the scents you like that you want your cleaners to smell like. I use cinnamon oil or lavender in my all purpose cleaner and I love the scent of lemon for just about anything! Some oil scents make us feel "more at home," while others may "wake us up" a bit. I like lemon because to me I associate it with clean and fresh! Whatever scent you choose, remember you don't have to use a lot! Oils can go a long way.

I use Tea Tree oil, liquid dish wash, white vinegar, baking soda, sea-salt, peroxide and lemons in my own home-made, earth-friendly-green cleaning products. I tend to use dish rags instead of sponges, because they're more bio-degradable and I can wash and use them over and over again. It's amazing what we can use; not just store bought dish rags or fancy rags, but an old flannel sheet that's seen better days, cloth diapers, old tea shirts or that granny gown you used to love that's thin and ready to replace. Wash them, cut them up and keep them under your sink or in your cabinet. You can wash them again and again or throw them away if you've cleaned a big job that wore them out! I like sponges, which aren't as earth-friendly, but I refresh them with white vinegar and I use them until they fall apart!

When we think earth and health conscious when we clean, it helps everyone, not just ourselves and our families, creating positive vibes around us! While cleaning, you may want to listen to your favorite kind of music or music that gets you moving! Singing and dancing definitely brings in and moves the good, positive energy! It's a large circle... when your home is happy, you feel happier too and when you feel happier, you have more energy to clean your home! Smell the wonderful scents all around you that you've added to your cleaning products. Aromatherapy is a great way to lift your energy and get everything clean, inside and out! Light some safe soy candles while cleaning. Remember to clean from top to bottom so you don't have to go over what you already cleaned. It helps you save time and energy. Keeping windows and mirrors clean helps with clarity and health. They represent how we see the world, so keeping them clean, inside and out is helpful for our sight in more ways than one.

When you've cleaned and cleared your home of dust and dirt, make sure you take some time to do the same for yourself. I highly recommend sea salt, one of my favorites in the bath with peppermint or mandarin/orange scents or oils. Using a shower scrub with this also helps re-energize us and helps cleanse our outer energy. If you're heading to relax or heading to bed, lavender or vanilla can help you prepare for a good rest after all that cleaning. I almost said work, but when we clean with the idea we're clearing energy, inside and out, its a good thing that we won't dread so much the next time!

Have fun clearing your energy and the energy in your home!

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    • Mystiblu profile image

      Fran Hafey 6 years ago from Virginia, USA

      Hey Lena, thanks, you sound nice too & your age doesn't really matter, its just a number! It's your soul that matters. :) Well, a bath before bed is nice & a bath or shower with a friend is nice too, LOL. Sorry I just had to, it was right there!! Yes, for sure, magical!! :) See ya round!~Mysti~

    • sparklycrown profile image

      sparklycrown 6 years ago

      oh, no problem Mystie!

      you sound rather nice and rly cool and if i told u my age uuu would tottally change,right? loll jk

      thatt is sooo tru(: a bath before bed would be nice and cleaning with a friends sounds magical, like your title and thanks for your suggestions.

      See,Ya around, Lena

    • Mystiblu profile image

      Fran Hafey 6 years ago from Virginia, USA

      Hi sparklycrown, lol. I agree! We can "try" to make cleaning fun, maybe if we're cleaning with someone else & the time goes faster or maybe be creative, lol. I like feeling clean too. A shower or bath before bed's great! Thank you so much for reading & commenting. Blessings, Mysti~

    • sparklycrown profile image

      sparklycrown 6 years ago


      not fun.

      fellling clean.