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Cleaning Hacks

Updated on January 30, 2015

Easy Cleaning Tips and Cleaning Hacks

So... you have put off cleaning your house and now your sink has a fowl smell coming from it and it appears as though the mildew in the shower is starting to colonize. Ok, maybe it hasn’t gotten that bad but you seriously need to do a total house cleaning overhaul and make a cleaning list or hire a housemaid.

A challenge for many busy people is having enough time to complete basis household tasks like house cleaning. It is hard enough trying to balance work, family, and a social life. By the time the weekend roles around, the last thing you want to do is house cleaning. It is very easy to get behind on basic household chores like house cleaning when you are busy meeting the demands and needs of everyone else. The longer you put of the house cleaning task, the worst it gets.

An easy cleaning tip is to perform some simple cleaning tweaks so when you do have time to commit to a cleaning overall it will be far less daunting and time consuming. The best house cleaning tips are to be pre-emptive and make a house cleaning schedule. Below is a list of easy cleaning tips so you don't have to hire a house maid!

scrub brush, water bowl, towel
scrub brush, water bowl, towel | Source

Cleaning Hack #1: Cleaning the Microwave

Microwaves seem to get dirty very easily. This probably has to do with liquids being warmed up in a confined area at high temperatures. Warming up soup in the microwave and not watching it heat up will more than likely result in a liquid explosion. Scrubbing the residing liquid inside the microwave will take forever. By the time you are done, your arms feel like you just finished a Pilates class.

Here is a super simple solution to de-gunk and clean your microwave and use vinegar for cleaning:

  • Fill a glass, microwave-safe bowl with water or vinegar and then microwave the liquid for a few minutes
  • The water will literally steam up the microwave, causing any gunk on the microwave walls loosen
  • Then, dip a clean rag into the water and wipe down the microwave.

rubber duckie and magic eraser scrub brush
rubber duckie and magic eraser scrub brush | Source

Cleaning Hack #2 How to Clean the Shower

Mildew build-up in the shower can be challenging to remove and can build up easily from your shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. The products marketed to remove the mildew are all extremely toxic for you to inhale and are terrible for the environment.

A simple way to keep your shower mildew free is to clean the shower when you shower!

  • Keep a magic eraser scrub brush in the shower
  • When in the shower, wipe down any area that appears dirty right away with the wet scrub scrub brush
  • Repeat as often as needed
  • During your normal bathroom cleaning, wipe down your shower and bathtub with environmentally friendly bathroom cleaner or use vinegar for cleaning
  • The shower and bathtub should be mildew free

The magic eraser scrub brushes are amazing. They seriously work like magic to clean almost anything. Using a magic eraser scrub brush when you shower will help to cut down how often you need to clean your shower and bathtub.

aerial view of an open trash can with trash bags inside
aerial view of an open trash can with trash bags inside | Source

Cleaning Hack #3 The Trash

Keep a roll of trash bags directly in the trash can so when you remove a full trash bag, you automatically have a clean trash bag.

  • You will never forget to put a new trash bag in the waste bin
  • Trash will never go into a bin without a liner
  • You don’t have to run upstairs, downstairs, outside, or inside to get a clean trash bag
  • This will make it a lot easier for your family members or roommates to help take out the trash
  • This is helpful if you have out of town guests or are hosting a party and need to change the trash bag quickly

white dish set with blue trim, dish scrub brush
white dish set with blue trim, dish scrub brush | Source

Cleaning Hack #4 Clean Dishes

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink is a very common habit for a lot people. This happen frequently if you are running late and don’t have enough time to properly clean your dirty dish or if your dishwasher is already full and running. Coming home from work to a sink full of dirty dishes is not exactly something to look forward to. Cleaning your dishes that have sat in the sink all day can take even longer if any leftover food on a plate has hardened or coffee residue has stained your coffee cup.

A cleaning trick for spending less time cleaning dirty dishes is to always rinse all dishes before placing them in the sink.

"Always rinsing your dishes rule" will:

  • Save you a lot of time later when you do properly wash them.
  • Prevent you from having to run the dishwasher multiple times
  • Encourage your family or roommates to form the cleaning habit

Another cleaning trick for dish washing is to use a dish brush with a built-in soap dispenser. This way you can clean a dish easily by itself.

Also, make it a habit of always running the dishwasher before you go to bed so you never wake up to dirty dishes

mrs. meyers cleaning products and dish towels
mrs. meyers cleaning products and dish towels | Source

Cleaning Hack #5: Cleaning Products Location

Keep cleaning products in different locations of your home so they are readily available for house cleaning and to makes it easier to clean a room at any moment if the mood strikes you.

  • Keep toilet cleaner, a toilet brush, and bathroom cleaner with clean rags under your bathroom sink to easily clean the toilet and sink counter
  • Keep countertop kitchen cleaner and rags under the kitchen sink to easily clean your kitchen counters
  • Keep a packet of cleaning wipes and small trash bags in your car to use to clean the car
  • Hide microfiber cleaning clothes for cleaning electronics behind your television, computer, and electronic devices. You can Attach a piece of velcro to both the cloth and electronic device to avoid misplacement. Keeping clothes handy is an effective way how to clean your computer often

House Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Below outlines useful house cleaning tips and tricks to make house cleaning easier and faster without hiring a house maid.

Cleaning Tip: Dirt Removal and Prevention

  • Enforce a no shoes in the house policy. Keep a shoe basket near the front and back door to hold shoes
  • Place door mats on either side of every entry door to collect any dirt from entering your home
  • Sweep your kitchen floor frequently to prevent dirt from building up. This will save time when you wash the floor because there will be less dirt to clean up
  • When cleaning a room, always work from the top to bottom. For example, polish the furniture and clean the mirrors before you vacuum

Cleaning Tip: Save Time Cleaning

  • Do micro cleaning tasks throughout the week to save time. For example, wipe down mirrors during a commercial break of your favorite tv show
  • Spread out the cleaning tasks throughout the week
  • Make a cleaning schedule that logically follows and blends into your existing schedule. For example, if Monday is trash day then clean out the fridge on Sunday.

House Cleaning Tricks

  • Use a dirty pillowcase to easily dust your fan by covering the fan blade when turned of with the pillow case
  • Place boxes of baking soda inside your fridge, larger trash cans, and closets to absorb odor
  • Clean and remove odors from your garbage disposal by running a lemon through it
  • Clean and take care of all appliances properly every time you use them so they work more efficiently and last longer
  1. Empty your lint holder every time you put laundry in the dryer,
  2. Empty the vacuum (if applicable) and remove anything stuck in the vacuum wheels every time you vacuum

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Cleaning Hacks and House Cleaning Tips Recap

Cleaning Hacks
Cleaning the Microwave
Microwave a glass bowl of water to steam clean
Cleaning the Shower
Clean when you shower with a magic eraser
The Trash
Place a roll of trash bags at the bottom of the trash can
Cleaning the Dishes
Get into the habit of rinsing dishes
Cleaning Product Locations
Keep cleaning products througout your house
best cleaning hacks table

I would love to hear from you! Do you have any cleaning hacks or house cleaning tips and tricks?

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