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Quick Cleaning.

Updated on July 21, 2013

Let's start with the bathroom...

Ugh. I dread cleaning day. However, I appreciate having a clean home. I always dreamt of being able to hire a cleaning person, but that has never come to fruition. Plus, truth be told, I do get a feeling of satisfaction when I make my home shine. I just hate how quickly it gets dusty and dirty again.

I dread cleaning the bathrooms the most, so this is where I begin my cleaning process. Every week I wash the bathroom rugs, and during midweek, I will run the vacuum on the rugs and floor, just to make it look clean again. It is all about perception: if your house looks and sells clean, then it is clean.

I like to listen to music when I clean, so I put my IPod on, and get busy.

After trying countless cleaning products throughout the years, I now stick to a few basic items: Windex; Scrubbing Bubbles; Swiffers; Clorox; and paper towels. Now I realize that using paper towels is not being "Green", by the way, when did Green become a proper noun? Anyway, I just don't like using rags. I actually get grossed out using them, because it seems like you are putting the dirt and grime that you cleaned from one surface onto another. Yuck! Then I have to touch the rags, wash the rags, dry the rags, fold the rags, and finally put the rags away. I just use a few paper towels and then I throw them into the trash. Simple.

And for those of you who only clean "Green", go to Whole Foods and spend tons of money on "Green" paper towels that are not bleached and have been made from recycled materials. Me, I like Bounty paper towels; they are strong, durable, and they cost less. However, I will buy whatever is on sale, except for Viva--too dusty.

I start with the bathroom mirror: Windex and paper towels.

My favorite bathroom product is Scrubbing Bubbles. I just spray it and wipe--with a paper towel. Easy. I use Scrubbing Bubbles on the sink, the tub, and the toilet. Sometimes I even spray Scrubbing Bubbles on the floor, and use the Wet Swiffer Jet to make the floor sparkle with ease.

Let' stalk about Swiffers--are they not the best invention, next to spandex? I love all of the Swiffer products, but nothing makes cleaning easier then the Swiffer Dusters. I like both the 360 and the original versions; I buy which one is on sale. I quickly Swiffer dust the bathroom accessories and towel racks. TIP: Remember to dust the top of your air-spray cans, too.

Throw a little Clorox into the toilet bowl; give a quick swish or two, and you are done!

Onto the kitchen....

After the bathrooms are clean, and I have used Swiffer dusters all around the house --including on the ceiling fan blades and dining chairs, I move to the kitchen.

In the kitchen I love to use Method products. I saw them at a warehouse club, and the price seemed right, so I brought some home. I find that the daily granite cleaner really cleans the crumbs and dust from my kitchen counters. Truth be told, I do not use the daily cleaner daily, but once I get eye-level with my counter top and see the film of crumbs, I get out the Method product and once again use paper towels to clean my counter tops quickly.

Warning: I use a lot of paper towels. I know; I know....

Method tile cleaner also works well on kitchen cabinets. I use the Method glass and suface cleaner to clean my oiled-brushed bronze appliances. The product leaves a pretty shine without leaving any streaks behind.

I dread cleaning my glass-top cooktop---who invented this thing? I find my cooktop to be the most annoying thing to clean in my house. It is almost impossible not to leave streak marks. I love to cook, so I use my cooktop daily. I can be a messy cook, but I want to actually live in my home, and use my appliances, so when I get stubborn stains from water boiling out of my pasta pot or sauce and oilve oil splattered on the cooktop, I get out the Weiman Cook Top Scubbing Pads and the Weiman Cleaner and start scrubbing. I tried using the cleaning product with paper towels (of course), but I found that the scubbing pads really make a difference in how clean the cooktop can get.

Cleaning the household floors

I vacuum all of the floors and of course, I use Swiffer floor pads on the steps and on my unsealed hardwood floors, but when I want to sanitize my sealed floors, I use the Bissell Steam Mop.

I was reluctant to purchase a steam mop, because I really did not think that a steam mop would do much. I was wrong.

The steam mop sanitized my kitchen and bathroom tile floors with ease. The steam mop heats up quickly, which is important, because the steam mop loses the steam half way through cleaning my kitchen floor. All you do is use the cup that comes with the mop to add more water to the reservoir. In seconds the mop is ready to use again. I like this model, because it is light weight and easy to maneuver. It also comes with two pads and a holder. I was amazed at the low price for such high quality.

I love Method products.
I love Method products.
The only way to get the glass-top cooktop clean.
The only way to get the glass-top cooktop clean.

What is your least favorite room to clean?

If you could hire someone to clean one room in your house weekly, which would it be?

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