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Cleaning Wooden Floors

Updated on January 15, 2016
Don't ruin your floors by cleaning them incorrectly
Don't ruin your floors by cleaning them incorrectly | Source

How to Clean your Wooden Floors Correctly

Stay Away from Harmful Cleaning Products when Cleaning Wooden Floors

Cleaning Wooden Floors takes Special Care

It's true, special care is needed when maintaining wooden floors, but you must know the correct way to properly maintain them. If you don't take special care of your wooden floors, you risk ruining their natural beauty. You will then have to decide whether to replace the wooden floor or cover it with... [*gasp*] carpet.

Daily Routine for Cleaning Wooden Floors

Yea, that's right. Sweeping away dust, dirt and other particles is an excellent way to protect your hardwood floor from scratches and dulling its natural beauty. Rugs that are designed particularly for hardwood floors come highly recommended to be set in front of each entry way. Reminding family members and guests to wipe their feet before entering your home is also a bit helpful.

You'd be surprised at how much damage is done to your hardwood floors by the tiny particles that are dragged and blown through the house - even in bare feet. Dirt and other tiny particles can act as sandpaper, scratching your hardwood floor down to a primitive looking state.
Remember what those saloon floors looked like in those old western movies? Well, that's where your floor is headed if you don't keep up on it.

When a little "elbow grease" is applied,  the natural beauty of a hardwood floor can last for years & years.
When a little "elbow grease" is applied, the natural beauty of a hardwood floor can last for years & years. | Source

Avoid Damaging a Hardwood Floor with a Wax Finish


As you may already know, water can damage a hardwood floor. If excessive water stays on a hardwood floor for too long, it may cause the wood to swell and then eventually crack. If you notice water on your hardwood floor, wipe it up immediately.
However, if you notice a water stain (a white spot) on your hardwood floor, try using very fine steel wool #000 and rubbing it away. If this doesn't work, use a very fine sandpaper and sand away the stain. After you have sanded the spot away use steel wool #00 to go over your sanded spot. And of course, don't forget to buff and wax that spot when you've finished.


Food stains are usually easy to clean up, but some foods can can still stain a hardwood floor if left unattended. If this happens, use a damp cloth and start from the outside and work yourself in. Like a water stain, sand away any discoloration with a very sand paper and steel wool #00, and again, don't forget to buff and wax when you've finished.

Surface Marks

Marks in the surface of the wax, or just a plain ole scratch can usually be treated by applying a small amount of wax and buffing away the mark and/or scratch.

ESPECIALLY Avoid Damaging a Hardwood Floor with a Urethane Finish

Your hardwood floor should be inspected at least twice a year.
Your hardwood floor should be inspected at least twice a year. | Source
I am NOT a Fan of Hardwood Floors with a Urethane Finish!

Food & Water

When dealing with stains that involve food, water and even ink, you may need to go to your nearest hardware store and get the proper materials to handle such stains. When trying to get rid of these type of stains, a hardwood floor cleaner may be needed. However, sometimes these may NOT work and other products (usually more expensive products) that are designed particularly for urethane finish floors may be needed. Use these products with caution.

Surface Scratches

To deal with scratches to the surface of urethane finished hardwood floors, a repair kit may be purchased at your local hardware store to handle such damages.

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