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Cleaning Your Armstrong Vinyl Floor

Updated on May 12, 2011

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring


Armstrong vinyl flooring is a very popular option when it comes to putting new floors in a room. A vinyl floor is very easy to install and incredibly durable. If you get a good quality Armstrong vinyl floor it can also be quite attractive. There are few things that will improve the look of a room more than putting in quality flooring. It is a fact that most people look down when they enter a room, they will notice a new floor.

An Armstrong vinyl floor will last for a very long time and requires very little maintenance. Other than an occasional cleaning there shouldn’t too much else you need to do. It is however a good idea to put a sealer on your Armstrong vinyl flooring, this will help to protect the finish. A good sealer will make it easier to maintain and to clean your floor. There are however times when a sealer may not be appropriate. A sealer can make the floor slippery and may not be a good idea in the bathroom or kitchen. Although maintenance is usually quite easy there are situations in which it may be necessary to call a professional to help with the cleaning.

 Armstrong vinyl floors are durable but they aren’t indestructible and they can be become scratched and get other marks on them. The most likely cause of scratches is furniture, as it gets moved around the room it can easily scratch the floor. Sometimes dirt can scratch the floor as well. In these cases you will not be able to remove the marks just by wiping the floor you will likely need to get a cleaning company to come in to deal with it.

 There are a number or techniques that a professional cleaning company can use to get the marks out of your Armstrong vinyl floors. These will include low pressure cleaning, heat, and emulsification. Using these techniques they can usually get most of the marks out of the flooring and return it to looking like new.

Regular cleaning of your Armstrong vinyl floor involves little more than a regular mopping. It is not a good idea to use any detergents or shine products on  your Armstrong vinyl flooring since that can dull the finish. And of course you never want to use any abrasive materials since that will scratch the floor. Stains should be cleaned up right away, if you allow them to sit they will likely become permanent and require a professional cleaning company to get them out.


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