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Cleaning Your Mattress Pad

Updated on August 18, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who is a very organized person. She loves to clean and create new ways to rearrange the house.


A mattress pad is a type of cover that you can use to cover your mattress. They come in handy, because they don't fall off the bed. Sheets can be annoying, because they can fall off the bed while you are moving around if your sleep. One of these pads will help keep any mattress toppers on the bed. There are different types of mattress pads and one type can keep you cool at night if you like to sleep in coolness. They usually come in the color of white so they can be a pain to wash. I am about to explain an easier way of cleaning your mattress pad.

A mattress pad will get nasty if you don't clean it. It will collect dead skin and odors overtime. The color will change and it will cause your allergies to arise. You have to wash it. I know it can be a pain washing bedding because of how large the items are but it needs to be done once a month. Wash not only your mattress pad, but all of your bedding as well. It will help give you a peace of mind and keep your allergies at ease.


You will probably feel better once you wash your mattress pad. It will smell better and not have a color to it. Your mind will relax knowing that you are not sleeping in filth. A lot of people do not notice if their bedding needs washed or not. Many people wait until there is a spill. Do not wait and wash your bedding. It is not healthy and it will not smell nice over time. If you have issues with lice, bed bugs, or fleas, you may need to use a certain spray before you place everything in the wash. Please do the proper research when trying to rid a infestation.

You can put a mattress pad in the wash, but try to switch the wash to delicates. This will wash it with cold water instead of warm water. I feel that cold water can be less harsh than warm water. Maybe it's just my way of thinking?

When you add it to the dryer, make sure to check the lint trap. Use low/medium heat. A lot of places and the tag will tell you not to add it to the dryer because it can ruin the material. I have never had an issue with it as long as it is on low/medium heat.

Don't wash your mattress pad inside out!


If you do not have a washer or dryer, you can hand wash it. Hand washing is a great way to make sure it is clean enough for you to sleep on. You can use your bath tub for hand washing. Fill your bath tub up with warm/cold water and add some Dawn Dish Soap to it. Place the mattress pad in there and let it soak for about an hour. After the hour is up, wring it out and place it outside on a clothes line to dry.

In my opinion, I believe hanging anything on a clothes line will make it stiff and not feel as soft. These mattress pads are durable enough to with stand the dryer. If you look at all the different pads, there are some that are thicker than most which will take longer in the dryer. Those kind can with stand the tumbling in the dryer. Different brands don't matter, but check how thick it is.

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