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Cleaning out the closet

Updated on March 9, 2013

On a day off it is always good to put aside a few hours to just go to the closet and clean out what you know won't be worn or sometimes even thrown away. Sometimes it is hard to get rid of things that you won't need in the closet because you figure that you might have time to wear them or if it is a dress that you think that you will fit in if you just those little pounds that you never did have before.

It is amazing how much shoes and clothes one can accumulate in the closet over so many years. I can say that I really love to buy shoes, especially the nice tall heeled shoes because they make me look taller. I had to get rid of some of the shoes that I knew I wouldn't wear especially since the heel was a little smaller than I liked them. Then came the clothes, looking through them, it's hard to realize that some of the clothes I had hanging were still new. They were just hanging in the closet and after realizing that if I wasn't probably going to wear them when purchased, they weren't probably going to be worn now.

Trying to decide which ones to get rid of was kind of easy because it was a matter of whether I liked them or not. What I had to do was put it in three piles, one pile being yes, second pile being no and third pile being maybe. Now the first and second pile was a sure thing, however, when it came the maybe pile, I had to determine if I still liked that style and the most important thing, did they fit me. I have know that as we grow up our body isn't the same and so no matter how hard we try it is hard to fit into our clothes.

Cleaning out closets can take awhile because of everything that one puts inside their closet. How long does it take to clean out your closet, whenever you do clean it out or even organize it?


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