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Clear Inches of Snow with Snow Shovels and Snow Throwers-Snow Removal Power

Updated on September 24, 2014
Snow Removal and Snow Clearing
Snow Removal and Snow Clearing

Inches of Snow Removal With Show Throwers and Snow Shovels

Lite snow approaches each year and so does the winter cold weather followed by heavier snow falls .

Every year around the same time, these winter snow squalls begin to pound our sidewalks and roadways with that white stuff they call snow, that is if you live in a snow belt region of course.

The closer we get to the wintry seasons, the more and more people begin to think of those snow power tools that they either needed last year during the storms, or that they may have forget to buy at year end sales last year.

After taking a closer look at the tools in the shed or garage, you may have found a broken snow shovel or 2, worn out from all the use in last years storms.

Then again it might just be time for an upgrade from that old gas powered snow blower that just doesnt seem to work right anymore.

There is no better way, to be prepared for the of clearing of snow from those driveways and sidewalks, than to be ready with new shovels or throwers before that first real snow storm gets here.

Light Weight Snow Throwers

Some really enjoy the light weight snow throwers. These type are perfect for those light to medium snow falls and take the back breaking hard work of shoveling in any snow fall, right out of the daily activity.

Most of these are electric styles of which eliminate having to go to the store and fill up on gas at the pump are some of the easiest snow blowers to operate.

What makes these valuable is that when a storm rolls through during the night or day and drops some powered snow over the driveway, you are ready.

These smaller versions of snow blowers can be stored away nicely without taking up to much space in the shed or garage. Some people even store them on the back porch with a small tarp, making them easy to get at if the room available.

Just take out the long extension cord with trusty snow thrower and within minutes your sidewalks and driveways are clear.

Electric Cord And Storage Wheel or Reel

When using one of the electric powered snow throwers it is convenient to have a long enough cord to do the job.

Most areas around the house will have a electrical box on the outside of the house or connection just inside the door of the garage or porch.

A storage wheel makes it easy to reel up the cord and then unreel the cord preventing those unwanted time consuming tangles and knots in the cords. Plus make for easy storage when needed for the next use.

Medium Sized Snow Blowers

Now for those regions that a more medium duty snow blower is needed, then the medium sized 29-32 inch snowblower is what you might need.

These are generally gas powered and take a little more strength to maneuver. Electric start is available on several units, making cold starts a snap. There nothing worse than having to blow some snow and be worn out just trying to get the thing started using the pull cord.

These are great for the heavier snow falls especially if you get many of them throughout the season. These type do take up more room for storing when not in use, but again can be stored outside using a tarp to keep out the wet weather, preventing unwanted rust or eliminating having to brush off the new snow that may have fallen.

Snow Shovels

Most snow shovels only last a few good years. Why you might ask, because they get used a lot in one winter season. The blades get worn out from hitting rocks, cracks or breaks in the sidewalks.

Other times the handles may become bent from trying to pick up to large of a pile of snow at a time. Or the kids decided to play with them over the summer as pretend its snowing games over the summer.

Whatever the case may be, having a good sturdy snow shovel before all the crowds buy up all the good snow shovels, just before or after a storm in the stores, can save a ton of time and unwanted headaches worrying about how your going to clear the snow when the next snow storm hits this winter.


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