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Ideas to Clear Clutter in the Bathroom

Updated on June 10, 2012

Organizing the Bathroom

Organizing the bathroom may seem a little overwhelming, especially if it's a bathroom shared with teenagers. It's amazing how much space cosmetics, shaving supplies, prescriptions, and hair gel take up. Organizing the bathroom is probably one of the most important things you can do to increase the cleanliness and keep your family safe. If you have a counter filled with clutter it's a safety hazard, so let's get organizing!

Before I begin I have to mention a pet peeve of mine when it comes to bathroom organization. I hate over the toilet organizers. I don't think that things used for personal hygiene should ever be stored near the toilet. I don't use these units and I don't suggest you do either, it may be organized but it's not clean.

The first step is to clear that counter space. Look through everything on the counter, does it belong to just one person or does everyone in the household have things on it? I find it's usually a shared space and everyone has a little something left out. This is an easy fix, simply give each person one basket to put their things in. One basket each, anything that doesn't fit in that basket either gets thrown out or relocated to their bedroom. These baskets can then be put in the linen closet or in the cabinet of the bathroom vanity.

However, if the items on the counter all belong to one person it's a bit trickier. We have all had to share a bathroom with someone who takes hours to get ready in the morning. They will take over the bathroom and be insulted when you want your turn before they are finished. This person needs to understand they need to share this room, both in the realms of time and space. Things like hair curlers and vanity mirrors can easily move into a bedroom. It makes no sense in a shared house to let one person take over the bathroom. Relocating these things to their own room will give them their space to get ready and remove clutter from the bathroom. And speaking from experience, they will love having a corner in their room to take their time in the mornings without any fights.

Another problem that bathrooms have that increase the clutter is the laundry. Sometimes it's the wet towels on the floor and other times it's the clothes left after the shower. Either way it's something that needs to be dealt with. Again, this is an easy fix by just introducing a hamper into the bathroom. The idea of putting wet towels into something that can't be cleaned just seems wrong to me so I like using a hamper with a liner of some sort so it can be laundered. Make sure you pick a hamper that isn't too big for your bathroom so it doesn't become part of the problem rather than the solution.

So now you have cleared the counter and everything is tucked away in baskets and the dirty laundry is in the hamper. Now the next thing to do is maximize the space you have. An area that is often wasted storage space is under the sink. They sell a wide variety of under the sink storage and I love this. Everyone has cleaning products for the bathroom and this is where they belong. Scrub brushes for the tub and toilet should go here, not the linens closet. 

Another handy gadget to use to organize your bathroom is the over the shower head storage rack. This item collects all the shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and loofas in one tidy area of the shower. These racks are great because they allow air flow and everything has a chance to dry, which is important in combating bathroom mold and mildew.

One thing I hate about my current bathroom is the towel rack. All it does is hold a bath towel and a hand towel, such wasted potential! I recently published a hub about my love of multitasking while I clean, with this love of multitasking comes a love of items that accomplish multiple goals. I have found several towel racks that also include shelving and I love this! You're going to be hanging towels, but why not include a shelving unit above that? If you don't have a linen closet you can use this space for spare towels or place a storage basket on the shelf. It's a wonderful space-saving, multitasking unit!

I hope you found something that will help you organize your bathroom and bring you closer to having a happy, healthy home!


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    • QudsiaP1 profile image


      8 years ago

      Such a helpful hub, thank you for sharing. :)


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