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How Do I Make My Vacuum Cleaner Last Longer?

Updated on August 5, 2011

Miele Vacuum Longevity

Your Miele canister vacuum cleaner is likely to last 25 to 30 years if you take the following steps. The Miele Company builds their vacuums with longevity in mind but it does require action on your part. These vacuums will clean better and filter the air better than most vacuums on today's market.

To protect the cord reel from being damaged----pull ,but don’t yank , the cord out as far as it will go, use a product called white out and mark around the cord about 4” from vacuum, let it dry, then push symbol to retract the cord. The next time you pull the cord out to vacuum, stop as soon as you see the white mark on the cord. This will keep you from pulling and stretching the cord so tight that you damage the cord reel.

The plug on the end of the cord, yes, the one that you plug into the wall can be damaged when you pull hard on the cord at an angle. Usually this happens when the cord is pulled around a corner from one room to another-----it bends the prongs to the plug.

For your canister, make sure you replace both filters that come with your box of bags. One filter protects the motor—it is the rough feeling filter and slips into the filter compartment behind the bag. It is in a vertical position. The smooth filter goes into the top filter compartment that is just above the motor and lays horizontal. The smooth filter’s purpose is to filter the air that goes out into the room.

If you use the hepa filter instead of the smooth filter in the box of bags, change it once a year. It is easy to remember if you date the filter before you put it in your vacuum. If you use the charcoal filter instead of the smooth filter, it needs replacing every 6 or 8 months. If you smell an odor in your vacuum -- replace your filter.

If your vacuum has a powerhead, check your brushroll for strings or anything that might be wrapped around. You do not have to disassemble the unit to clean the brush roll. Cut the strings or hair and pull the cuts pieces out.

If you accidently pick-up a shoestring, sock, or other item, flip the switch on the hose to turn the brushroll off. Turn the powerhead over to see what you captured, find one end of the string, sock, etc. and pull the item out of the unit. Continue vacuuming.

Change your bag when it looks full and use genuine Miele bags during the warranty period to keep the warranty in force.

Do not pick up water or moisture with your vacuum because it will void your warranty. Miele has one of the best warranties on the market if not the best. I have owned a Miele vacuum for eight years and it has proven to be a good investment.


Even though this hub targets the Miele brand vacuum, these tips can prolong the life of most any vacuum cleaner on the market. By reading through the owner's manual that comes with your vacuum, your can find the best way to keep your vacuum running efficiently so that it will last much longer than expected.

In our vacuum/sewing machine business, we saw some people who owned a vacuum with a 1 to 2 year life expectancy get 3+ years of service out of their vacuum because they followed the above tips. Others got 8+years of service from a vacuum that should have only lasted 5 years max by following the maintenance tips above.

Miele Vacuum


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