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How To Clone Your Mother Plant For Your Legal Medical Marijuana Needs

Updated on February 2, 2015

The best way to get consistent quality of your plants is by rooting cuttings from a high quality mother plant.

The best way to get consistent quality of your plants is by rooting cuttings from a high quality mother plant. This is the best way to ensure you are getting the exact same quality of medicine every time, if grown properly. But, there can be a limit on how many time you can do this. Not all plants or clones last as long as others do although some have been going strong for over 40 years and they still exist to this very day.

Rooting cannabis may seem like a daunting task but once you learn how you will be able to do it with ease.

I prefer to keep things simple when it comes to cloning. If you grow in soil you do not necessarily need rooting hormones or other agents for rooting either. A clear Rubbermaid type container with a sealed lid, a Jiffy7 pellet, a cutting, and some water with the correct ph.

The Jiffy7 pellet should be soaked in room temp water that has the proper ph until it swells up to it's ultimate capacity. When the pellet swells to it's maximum size then insert two nodes of your cutting right into the pellet. In my experience this has been vital to the factor of success. The Nodes are where the leaves connect to the stem.

Make sure that there's no air on the stem by squeezing the pellet really tight. The pellet should resemble a giant Hersheys Kiss.

Make sure you trim the leaf stems to the main stem and snip the leaves back at an angle before you insert the cutting inside the Jiffy7 pellet. This will help prevent mold from being a nuisance due to the leaves touching each other and making stagnant areas that are perfect for rot. In addition it will help to stop the cuttings from falling if the become somewhat wilty.

The cuttings must constantly be moist and by sealing the airtight lid on top of the Rubbermaid container you will succeed at this. The moisture inside the container will create a terrarium effect. Simply add additional ph corrected H2O to the Rubbermaid container if the lid gets dry. In about an hour the lid should get condensation.

You can use any brand or similar type container so don't fret if the brand isn't Rubbermaid.

The temp is another big issue. 74 degrees Fahrenheit is about the sweet spot but 70 - 76 degrees will work fine. If it's way too cold you might have to get a heating pad to put the container on top of. Preferably a thermostatically controlled heating pad will work great and will help keep the temperature optimal. If you are trying to root cuttings when it's too warm you might have to find a place that's cooler like a basement and set up a heating pad because it is easier to warm your container than it is to cool it.

This way of cloning is not only tremendously practical it is also very effective. I get close to a 100% success rate since I began using this style and I believe you will do the same if you follow this guide..


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    • Phil The Gain profile image

      Phil The Gain 6 years ago from Planet Earth

      If you harvest early, the THC content will be higher, therefore it will produce more of a cerebral "head high". When a plant is in the later stages of budding, the THC starts to turn into what's known as CBD. More CBD is thought to produce more of a body buzz. The high will be less clear and will sometimes make you feel hella laid back which is great for movie watching and music listening. I personally like both feelings depending on my mood or what I'm in. So the later you wait to harvest, the more CBD you'll be smoking.

      I would recommend experimenting a little, no I don't mean you need to find a white lab coat, just try harvesting at different times and "feel" the results. Try and find a balance between the two. When 50-65% of the hairs turn color, it's usually a good time. The right time to harvest marijuana is up to you.

      If you want to get really precise you can get a jewelers 30x magnifying glass but I personally think that is really not necessary. You will feel great regardless.

    • profile image

      beverly 6 years ago

      more of a question, i need to know when to harvest? received 3 mo's ago and it's in final phasing of buds.