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Closer to Nature with Rustic Decorations

Updated on February 19, 2013
mossy table
mossy table | Source

Naturally Beautiful

Rustic decorations are like a breath of fresh air wherever you choose to place them. Resembling nature and countryside objects, these decorations are a great way to feel closer to nature while enjoying the calm and freedom they inspire. The key is simplicity - if you only have a countryside table in a corner of a room or a pine cone on your desk, the beautifying effect is there. You can also make gorgeous combinations of multiple rustic decorations in the same room, choosing carefully so that it creates a pleasant sight. One can easily conclude that everything goes well with everything, but it is not really like that. For example, moss mixed with seeds looks kind of weird.

woodsy tabletop
woodsy tabletop | Source

Dining Room

There are many ways to add a countryside feel to places we spend time in, one of them being as little as just placing small details on the table when we eat. Some twigs, some leaves, some rocks, embroidered napkins or some burlap can make breakfasts, lunches and dinners distinctively charming experiences. Going just for a wooden old dining table, while maintaining everything else looking new and shiny also works wonders. Another idea is the exact opposite - to place wooden dishes and some clay pots with fresh spices on a modern dining table - that is all you need to create the desired effect.

DIY rustic tabletop tray
DIY rustic tabletop tray | Source


A bedroom is a perfect spot for rusticity - being, by definition, a comfortable and relaxing corner, nature would amplify those feelings and would not be at all out of place. Choose old fashioned furniture or simply place some rocks here and there - either way it is going to look great. If you like exaggerating, take every single object in the room and try to add a little something to it: wrap your alarm clock in a little bit of straw, embroider your sheets, add some lace to the bedside lamp etc. Other suggestions for a rustic bedroom include painting the walls in warm natural colors and adding nice natural textures to them, placing a rug of jute or of sisal rope in front of the bed, putting some sack pillows on the bed etc.

colorful rustic bedroom
colorful rustic bedroom | Source
indian traditional area rug
indian traditional area rug
DIY rustic rug
DIY rustic rug | Source


Another spot that would look great with rustic details placed here and there is the bathroom. There are plenty of possibilities: from the products one uses - that can be 100% natural and handmade - to the windows and the bathtub, the bathroom can be decorated really nicely in rustic ways. A simple light bulb plus a burlap window curtain (or a burlap shower curtain) plus some river rocks in your bathtub is all it takes for it to look fantastic. Don't refrain from candles nor from rustic cotton towels - they are a great addition!

rustic bathroom
rustic bathroom | Source

Sunny Conclusion

One important aspect about nature invading interiors is sunlight, which is something that can amplify any rustic effect in any interior. Rustic details feel like home anywhere - whether it is inside or outside the house. It is best to keep it simple and to not make too many combinations. Have fun if you decide to give it a try!

river rocks
river rocks | Source

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    • inding profile image

      inding 5 years ago from Romania

      I'm happy you liked the ideas, KerryAnita! I love wild flowers... your yard should look fantastic! Thank you for your comment!

    • inding profile image

      inding 5 years ago from Romania

      Thanks Eddy!

    • KerryAnita profile image

      KerryAnita 5 years ago from Satellite Beach, Florida

      Decorating with nature is great. Right now I have tons of wild flowers blooming in my yard, so I fill vases with them all over my house:) I love these ideas, the moss table is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      What a briliant hub ;I loved it and I vote up,across and share all around .

      Have a great weeknd.


    • inding profile image

      inding 5 years ago from Romania

      I'm glad you liked it! :)

    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 5 years ago from USA

      These are some beautiful ideas. I love the table tray :) Thanks!