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Closet Organizer

Updated on July 15, 2009

Organizing a closet is achievable in moments with an innovatory designed closet organizer. Be prepared to organize a closet exactly as you desire with a versatile closet system - a basic closet system can be self-installed and put to use in less than an hour - all that's need are a couple of every day DIY tools. Organizers can be adapted to fit a closet area in the region of 3' - 8', with versatile expandable and adjustable shelves.

Having an extra five shelves, hanging rails, and storage space up for all out-of-season wears will offer plenty of space to accommodate such gear as winter-clothes, linen, shoes, hats and all sorts of accessories.

The design components of these closet systems makes to easier to re-configuration at a later-date should the need arise, irrespective of how much a wardrobe needs to altered. And all this extra storage space is achieved at a faction of the cost of going down the route of a professional installation.

Closet Shelving Systems

Rubbermaid manufactures a series of storage and organization solutions for home. The Rubbermaid closet organizer and shelving series features a complete line-up of systems to install with no cutting required - all telescoping rods and shelves will expand to the desired length - resulting in an installation process that’s quick and pain-free. These organizers’ come in a choice of configurations, from a 3 to 6ft classic kit to a deluxe 4 to 8 ft deluxe closet kit, and up to 22 ft tall - all coated in chrome and satin nickel for a non-cracking, chipping or rusting finish.

ClosetMaid design and manufacture a series of storage solutions. The ClosetMaid organizer kits series consists of seven different organization configurations - starting with the smaller single or double closet sizes to a larger system that spans 5' - 8', with hanging rails, baskets, and rods - all perfect for closets throughout the house. Its possible ot start out with a basic set-up and expand as and when required with the ClosetMaid line of accessories and parts. In addition to the bedroom these closet organization systems can be installed in a garage, basement or pantry if need be.

Closet Organization Accessories

Closet accessories can also be adding into the equation to enhance the overall performance of the system. Such accessories include a sliding tie or belt rack, a set up of stackable shoe holders to maintain all footwear neat and tidy, as well as woven storage shelves to attach to the hanging rails for move space-saving systems.


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