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Get a Closet Purse Organizer for Clever Storage

Updated on February 3, 2014

A stylish hanging purse organizer


Best Purse Storage Ideas for Your Closet

Are you looking for a closet purse organizer to store all your fashion accessories? If you're anything like me, you probably own quite a few of them - one for each kind of occasion, or maybe various colors to match different outfits.

This also probably means that you don't actually use all of them because most of them are hidden somewhere in a heap on your floor or shelf. Well, stop feeling guilty about your collection just because you don't use them! Instead, keep them all organized and within easy reach by using a purse organizer for closet storage. You don't even need tools to install one - just strap or hook the piece over a rod or door.

There are several designs available to suit your wardrobe space. Whether you want one for your walk-in closet or one to hang over the back of the door, you can find a perfect purse storage holder for your needs. They're even good for organizing other accessories like shoes, hats or scarves. On this page, you'll find the best rated and most popular of all the available styles.

Over the door purse rack for closet storage

Is your wardrobe already stuffed? Then utilize the back of the closet door! Over the door racks can hold multiple bags along the length of the door by hooking over the top and bottom edges. Whether you want to hang up your handbags or display your purses, this is a great space saving solution.

These types of handbag holders are made of durable elastic straps that you can stretch over the length of your door frame and hook from the top and bottom using attached hooks. No tools required unless the product can also be mounted on a wall with screws. All you'll need then is a screwdriver.

This is the best kind of purse storage if you want to be able to see your bags clearly. Plus, this kind of rack is not just meant for purses. Use it to display belts or scarves too.

What to watch out for:

If you're using these products on the back of a door, make sure that there's nothing right behind it, as that can make opening the door fully quite difficult if your bags are large and filled.

Hang up double sided handbag organizer

Master Craft Handbag Hangup Double-Sided Purse Organizer, Tapioca
Master Craft Handbag Hangup Double-Sided Purse Organizer, Tapioca

This purse hanger gives you 7 hooks on either side of the durable cotton canvas strap to store up to 14 bags, caps, scarves and belts. Each hook snaps shut over the handbag's straps to keep them secure.

It's available in 4 different colors.


A handbag hanger

If you don't have a lot of shelf space in your closet or you don't want to hang your bags on a door rack, why not get a hanger especially made for handbags? With just a few inches of available rod space or a hook or nail in the wall, you can just hook the hanger over and use the unit's hooks to hang your bags from them, either with a vertical fabric strap or steel hooks.

That's a lot of additional space that's created while leaving your shelves free for other things. You can also use it to hang baseball caps, scarves and belts.

What to keep in mind:

For a hanger that has fasteners on a vertical strap, if your bags have extra wide straps, this may not be the product for you, as the snap closure will not be able to close shut. Also, unless all your bags are small, you won't be able to hang too many of them, since the Velcro fasteners are spaced relatively close together. Instead, use every other hook.

Richard Homewares hanging shelves

Richards Homewares Hanging Handbag Organizer-Canvas/Natural
Richards Homewares Hanging Handbag Organizer-Canvas/Natural

You'll have 10 compartments total to store your purses. Four are 6" wide, 14" deep and 7" high, while the three on either side are in a pocket style and are 14" deep and 11.5" high. The entire unit measure 30" long and 14" wide.

Two hanger hooks will keep the unit stable.


Hanging closet shelf purse organizer

Want to store your purses on shelves but can't spare any of your existing shelf space? Just add new ones! The best ones are made of durable natural canvas.

By strapping or hooking a hanging shelf unit onto your closet rod, you'll add lots more storage space that can be utilized for handbags and other accessories.

What to watch for:

Make sure the shelf compartments are large enough to hold each of your bags. Also check that you have enough rod space for the Velcro fastener or double hooks.

Another thing to watch for is that fabric shelves can't take as much weight as solid shelves and naturally sag over time. To avoid this, make sure your bags are empty before storing.

Whitmor White Crystal Collection Handbag File

Whitmor Handbag File, Clear
Whitmor Handbag File, Clear

There are 8 pockets made of clear vinyl with four hanging back to back on each side. The whole hanging file measures 12"W x 48"H and comes with a single hanger hook.


Hanging Handbag File

You know how a file folder with clear plastic pockets protect documents from tears and other damage? Well, you can use a handbag file for your bags in the same way! Keep them dust-free while still being able to see them clearly by storing each in its own clear vinyl pocket. The whole unit can hang from any horizontal rod or door hook.

What to watch for:

Try to keep the organizer balanced by storing bags of the same weight adjacent to each other. If one bag is heavier than the one next to it, the unit can become unbalanced and other bags can fall out. Also try to store heavier bags in the lower pockets and the purses and smaller handbags in the higher ones.

Park-A-Purse for shelf storage

Luxury Living Park-a-Purse Organizer -
Luxury Living Park-a-Purse Organizer -

This unit measures 21"H x 33"L x 12"W and the material is UV coated cardboard. Each individual compartment can hold up to 48 lbs., while the top can also hold a weight of up to 216 lbs.


Park-a-purse closet organizer with 10 cubbies

Display your bags the way they do in handbag boutiques! Some closets like in rentals, come with just shelves and no rods, so this is a good way of doubling shelf space for your handbags. This will prevent them from being heaped upon each other, while allowing you to find the right bag without taking each out of its place.

Each column of 2 cubby holes is a different size to accommodate different purse sizes. It is designed to be light enough to place on any shelf or wire rack.

DAZZ Smart Carousel

Pro-Mart DAZZ Smart Carousel Organizer, 5-Tier, Beige
Pro-Mart DAZZ Smart Carousel Organizer, 5-Tier, Beige

This unit has 5 tiers of compartments and made of breathable material.


Rotating closet purse organizer

This is one of the smartest kind of organizational pieces that you can use. It's not only meant for bags, but also shoes, sweaters and any other accessories. You hook the hanger over a rod and the unit swivels 360 degrees using a tension hook to allow you to access your things easily.

It makes an efficient use of space by providing multiple tiers of compartments. Use the central compartments for bags and the outer pockets for shoes. When it's not being used it collapses and folds away.

What to watch for:

Do not overload the unit with too many items or the material will sag or the tension hook may break. Make sure the shoe pockets are big enough for your needed shoe size, as the pockets may not fit men's shoes.

Tips for protecting your handbags

Whichever way you choose to store your bags, they'll need to be looked after properly. Slouchy bags that are not used frequently should be stuffed with acid-free tissue paper to help hold their shape.

Except for everyday bags, consider wrapping them in a dust cover first to prevent dust or mold from forming. This is a must for leather bags.

If you're hanging up your bags on a metal hook, make sure you give them occasional breaks or protect the handles, otherwise the hook will leave an indent in the straps.

Here are some expert tips on storing and organizing handbags

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