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Plastic & Cloth Clothes Peg Bags & Baskets

Updated on July 24, 2014

If you do a lot of washing every week, chances are you go through a lot of clothespins.

Of course you'll probably end up with an odd assortment unless you buy the same ones each time.

Mine are a mixture of wooden & plastic, colored and plain clothespins in a range of strange shapes and designs.

Some pegs break more easily than others, meaning that unless you care for your pegs, at least a few will fall prey to being stepped on, lost, or just simply worn out.

Below you'll find some of the great baskets and bags available to store your pegs - easily transportable to and from the washing line and with plenty of room for your whole collection.

Cloth Clothes Peg Bags and Baskets

Bags & Baskets

The right container for your pegs can vary, depending on the situation, ease of access and how often you do your washing. Here are a few of the available types:

Bags - bags are great if you regularly move or travel and need something versatile. Most bags have an easily closable top with zipper or buttons so that you don't have to worry about pegs being scattered around your car. Bags come in either flat pillow shapes or round circular containers, depending on what suits your needs.

Plastic Basket - plastic baskets usually come in a huge range of colors and are great if you want peg storage for everyday washing needs. Available in plenty of styles and colors, there are the choice for most people.

Metal Basket - if you're looking for something more heavy duty for a large family, leaving out in the weather or simply for commercial use, a metal basket will generally last a lot longer and is the perfect storage for your pegs.


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