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Clothes washing and Ironing Tips

Updated on September 11, 2011

The soap that our grandmothers used for washing and scrubbing, not only was it ecological but it would eliminate bad odors. This soap would come in a long bar that you would cut according to your desired size with a knife.

I can still remember the pleasant and distinctive smell it would leave on your clothes.

It´s easy to remove fat stains with it. Just scrub a bit of this soap on the stain itself, let it out to dry a bit so that the soap can slowly sink in and do the work for you and only then should you stick it in the washer.

Rust stains on some clothes can be hard to remove, but you can make your job a bit easier by making a mixture of salt and lemon juice. Scrub it into the stained garment and wash.

If you are washing that favorite shirt of yours by hand, place it afterwards on a plastic clothes hanger and remove all wrinkles and let it dry. It will be easier for you to iron it afterwards.

Bath and beach towels in time and with a few washes on top become a bit scruffy. To get that softness back get those towels in a hot mix of water with a bit of vinegar and let it soak for about an hour.

Sweat stains on clothes are downright ugly and can be hard to remove. A bucket of cold water mixed with a few drops of ammonia could do the trick. Let it soak for a short while and make sure you rinse that piece of clothing right after with fresh water.

Before you put that garment in the washer that has a coffee stain or two, rub an ice cube on the stain and then place it the washer.

If the sleeves on your cotton shirt come out a bit wrinkled you can always dip them in cold water and then place the shirt on top of a towel or hung from a plastic clothes hanger. Use your hair drier inside and out until the sleeves are almost dry then hang it outside.

Planning to tint some clothes? You don´t necessarily need a big pan on a stove anymore to do that job. There are liquid paints now on the market that makes the job easier for you. Place the garments you want to tint in your washer only after you have rinsed them through cold water. Now according to the instructions, place the liquid tint in the machine and turn the temperature to maximum.

Living in a place or it’s that time of year where you can’t hang your clothes out to dry and you have to use the clothes dryer? Well if you do a second spin before using your clothes dryer you could be saving some money.

Following along, when washing really dirty and soiled clothes, you can always let them clothes soak for a while longer if you turn off your washing machine for about an hour or so just before the first water is dumped.

One last tip to leave your clothes smelling lovely. You can always get a plastic spray bottle, add half with water and add as well a few drops of your favorite perfume. Shake it a bit and spray on each and every garment before you iron it.


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