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Code Enforcement Visit Verifiable Complaint Newest Scam or Both and Is Scrap the New Gold

Updated on March 26, 2012

Is Scrap the New Gold and How Far Will They Go to Get It

If your a home owner and had a recent county code enforcement complaint or visit and then a surprise visit from someone willing to help haul off your scrap for a minimum charge, BEWARE. Is it a coincidence or the opportunity for disaster.

Scrap prices have gone through the roof and now it seems as though some, (not all) are using every means possible to get it. Yes, there are those that are honestly just trying to make a few bucks and have an honest reputable business. Then there are others that filed the complaint to begin with, or had a friend or family member that actually works with code enforcement (an internal complaint) to do it. This is to divert suspicion from themselves after approaching the home owner in case of problems.

Granted some of the complaints may be justified but are using county employees that are more than likely receiving some benefit ethical, and do they target those who knowingly will not question their motives or prices because they have no other choice.

Some of them prey on properties that are not lived in full time or the owners live out of state. This leaves the home owner with no other choice than a summons and to travel who knows how many miles or to hire them.

There are a few that are actually researching records to see if the proper permits were filed. Whether it be for a shed constructed years ago, a travel trailer/5th wheel that hasn't been permanently placed and has an expired tag, they are just looking for an opportunity.


Do Your Own Reearch

If you get a visit, it doesn't matter if it's Orange County in the city for an expired tag or unregistered vehicle (where they make the big bucks) or in Polk County in the sticks and it's an old air conditioner or frig that needs hauled off, do your research.

Ask who filed the complaint and if they tell you (not all are required to do so) it's "internal" let the research begin. Look at the facts, ex. Do you live in the boonies with basically no neighbors and the focus of the complaint is 300 ft away from the closest road, where the speed limit is 55mph? If so raise the red flags. Is the complaint about a car that is in a closed garage except when your home and doing some outside yard work? Again the red flag. If your vehicle is in plain site and maybe has an expired tag, or not running and you get a complaint then the next day someone stops by to haul it off free of charge. Alert, Houston we have a problem.

Think about it if they are willing to haul it off for free, how much would someone pay you for it as scrap. Just to give you an idea a friend of mine whose son had an accident which totaled his car a few months ago (he was fine) called a number on a poster hung up on a pole and they paid him $400 for the car which was toast.

Another friend who lives in an apartment complex had her vehicle towed, (second car) because of an expired tag (a violation in the complex) and because of the age and need of repair she let it go. The thing is if she had paid the $150 to get it out and had the same company pick it up for $400, that's $250.. I don't know about you but that' a nice chunk of change for me Then think about this if they were willing to pay you $400 how much did they get for it to make it worth their while. It's the new gold I'm telling you.

OK, you get the idea so if you get a visit from code enforcement, or you have a friend or neighbor who is having a problem with an out of state property DO YOUR RESEARCH.

Have an incredible day and take care.


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