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Coffee Can-Bag Storage

Updated on June 23, 2012

Everyone buys groceries. All grocieries come in those plastic bags. Not many people have a good way to store them.

This is a great upcycling project that not only organizes but keeps one less coffee can out of the dump.

I personally have an entire cabinet dedicated to these little bags which I use for my small bathroom trash cans.

Cant wait to have extra space in my kitchen.

How I Did It

  • Large Coffee Can
  • Spray paint, any colors
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Peel the label off of the can and rinse out the inside.

In a well ventilated area spray paint the can and lid.

Once the paint is dry, cut out a hole in the middle of the lid.

I wrote BAGS on the can with a marker.

You can decorate if you want.

Pack can with bags, place on lid. Pull bag out of the top.


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