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Coffee Carafe

Updated on July 30, 2009

A thermal coffee carafe is able to keep coffee hot for hours on end. Often seen in a choice of contemporary styles, with brushed stainless finish a popular, and stylish choice. A carafe is ideal for preparing coffee a head of time, so that it’s kept steaming hot and all set to serve at the appropiate moment or if preferred these drinks holders can keep ice tea cold on a day out. 

In order to eliminate all guesswork on whether a drink is still warm enough, a coffee carafe might feature a probe to read the vapor, and the resulting temperature is often displayed on the lid. The internal vacuum insulation is able to generate excellent retention for either heat or cold drinks, lasting up to 12 hours. Features to these kitchen appliances include auto shut-off for safety, programmable settings, and an electronic clock - timer.

Types of Coffee Carafe

Cleaning a carafe is often a straightforward task of washing the glass interior with warm water, and wiping down the exterior with a damp cloth. If stains persist on the inside using a mild detergent and warm water often sees good results.

Mr Coffee, Cuisinart, Braun, Melitta, Zojirushi and Black & Decker are all reputable manufactures of coffee appliances and accessories. The Zojirushi premium thermal carafe is one model with favorable comments and reviews next to its name - a vacuum-insulated carafe that's able to serve piping hot beverage all day long. Styled in a modern stainless steel exterior, with black accents to offer a truly functional piece of kitchenware.

A dedicated coffee carafe is more suited to the purpose of keeping coffee steaming, as a traditional drip brewer and combi carafe often features a hotplate for the coffee to rest on, but in time, that often stews the beverage. Therefore, it returning a couple hours later for a top up, the resulting coffee is likely to have a stewed, bitter, and often nasty taste to it.

The most notable benefit to these coffee carafes is the ability to keep to pot of coffee steaming for hours without the flavor being compromised. So an ideal set-up in a office, to a home, or any place for that reason - enjoy a mug without a bitter coffee taste, that's often a downside to a brew that's been resting on a beverage warmer all day.

A coffee carafe offers that convenience of preparing a steaming pot of coffee in the morning, pouring into a carafe, and still being warm enough to drink some 12 hours later.


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