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Coffee Mug Displays

Updated on August 2, 2017
Coffee mug shelf
Coffee mug shelf | Source

There are many ways to display your coffee mugs in order to create a pleasant aesthetic and a functional space for frequent use. Simple shelves can be hung on the wall, so mugs can be easily seen. A rustic rack can be created by adding hooks to a plank or planks of wood. A pegboard can be painted to match with the theme of your room. Also, hooks can be attached underneath a cabinet for easy access to coffee mugs. Let these ideas inspire you to create both an artistic and useful way to display your mug collection.

Simple and Rustic

Simple wood coffee mug rack
Simple wood coffee mug rack | Source
Diamond-shaped coffee mug rack
Diamond-shaped coffee mug rack | Source
DIY coffee mug rack
DIY coffee mug rack | Source

Clean and Modern

Painted pegboard mug display
Painted pegboard mug display | Source
Tea and coffee mug shelf
Tea and coffee mug shelf | Source
Under cabinet mug hooks
Under cabinet mug hooks | Source


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