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Coleman Portable Water Heater

Updated on February 21, 2017

Reasons For Buying A Coleman Portable Water Heater

There are plenty of portable water heaters out there, but I have to say that the Coleman portable water heater is one of the best ones out there. The value I get for what I pay for is great.

Now, there are those of you who are skeptical out there when it comes to Coleman’s product. Let me assure that buying one of these is a great investment that will pay off in the long run.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I failed to provide you with any sort of convincing argument as to the Coleman’s value. Below are some of the reasons why I love the portable water heater made by Coleman so much.

The Coleman Portable Water Heater Works Fast

When I am on an outdoor camping trip with my family, one of the most important things is hot water. Coleman’s Hot Water on Demand is an excellent product that gives me exactly what I need when I need it.

The Hot Water on Demand can heat up to 40 gallons of water using 30,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) in as little as five seconds. This quick heating operation allows me to use the Hot Water on Demand for virtually all our needs. Want a cup of tea, or some hot water for making soup, how about a nice warm bath after a day of activities with kids? The Hot Water on Demand addresses all my needs with both quickness and efficiency.

It’s Made By Coleman

I’m sure most of us are aware just who and what the Coleman Company is. Coleman has been one of the industry leaders and innovators of outdoor recreational products for as long as I can remember.

People are familiar with the Coleman Company and what their products bring to the table. The quality of their products is near legendary when it comes to recreational outdoor equipment. Avoid settling for products from unknown brands because chances are the quality of their products are not up to par when compared with products made by the Coleman Company.

Setting Up The Coleman Portable Water Heater Is Easy

One of the most important things I look for in a product is ease of setup and use. The Coleman Company’s Hot Water on Demand has both of those qualities in spades.

Setting up the Hot Water on Demand is simple, takes only a little bit of effort, and easy to do. All I need is a 16.4 ounce propane bottle and a single charge of the battery pump, which can be charged at home or the car, and I have everything I need to heat 40 gallons of water.Once it’s setup, all I have to do to heat water is press a button and turn the knob to my desired temperature.

It Has Great Warranty

I always look at the warranty when I buying anything since I think it is extra value for what I pay for. Unlike other products, the Coleman portable water heater has a three year warranty which is three times more than what other companies offer.


Propane Vs. Electric Portable Water Heater

I know a lot of people who are confused on whether they should get a propane or electric portable water heater. The decision is not to be taken lightly as these things represent a long term investment. Portable water heaters are not cheap, so you really want to get the most out of it as much as possible.

Choosing between an electric vs. a propane portable water heater involves knowing the advantages and disadvantages of how these two types operate. I know how it can seem daunting at first, but trust me, learning how these can be easy. It does not have to be too difficult or confusing.

Below are a few topics that can help the uninformed or unaware of the differences between electric and propane portable water heaters.

Benefits Of Using An Electric Portable Water Heater

The benefits of using a portable water heater that uses electricity are many.

Using portable water heater that runs on electricity means that the device would not produce any harmful byproducts like the ones produced by portable water heaters that run on propane.

Electric tankless water heaters (water heater talk) can also be less costly to operate. There are certain camping grounds with a fixed price where electricity is not metered. Such camping grounds usually include the cost of using electricity in the fixed fee they charge. These situations make it extremely cheap to operate a portable water heater that runs on electricity.

Finally, experience has taught me that using an electric operated portable water heater is less of a hassle. I do not have to monitor anything and little maintenance is required.

Downsides To Using A Portable Water Heater That Runs On Electricity

I once went to a camping ground where the electricity was metered instead of being included in the fee. Boy, was it significantly more expensive than using a propane portable water heater.

Some models of electric water heaters, usually the low-end cheap models, do not include some safety features found in high-end models.

The Advantages Of The Alternative To An Electric Portable Water Heater

The nice thing about propane portable water heaters is that they perform consistently. The cost of operating a portable water heater that runs on propane is the same anywhere.The difference in using an electric versus a propane powered water heater, under certain circumstances, is massive. Those who really want to save up on money will do well to use a propane portable water heater for their RV.

Disadvantages Of Propane Powered Portable Water Heaters

First of all propane is gas. This should go without saying but I’m going to say it anyway. Using propane portable water heaters always carries with it certain risks with the most obvious risk being that it might explode.Certain propane portable water heater models can also produce harmful substances. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct produced by non-catalytic propane operated portable water heaters.

Propane water heaters, unlike an electric portable water heater, needs a lot of maintenance and has to be checked on every now and then to see if it’s operating properly.


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