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Collect Salt and Pepper Shakers Make Great Gifts!

Updated on December 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Shakers

For Special Events

It is Thanksgiving Day and dinner tables are being set for the big meal. What salt and pepper shaker will you use? I have been collecting salt and pepper shakers for awhile and found a fun set of shakers just for Turkey Day. In addition to fine china, pretty tablecloths and ornate centerpieces, a fun salt and pepper shaker can add charm to your meal.

For Your China

Dressing Up The Table

I have a salt and pepper shaker that matches my china. It serves the purpose well and blends with table decorations. I often opt for a different shaker set to use on my table. When someone asks for salt or pepper, a shaker that blends with the china can be difficult to locate on a crowded table.

Salt and Pepper Shakers With Personality

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Perfect for Christmas!
Perfect for Christmas!
Perfect for Christmas!

Unique Shaker Sets

When browsing gift shops or fun antique shops, I often search for that unique salt and pepper dispenser. My collection has grown as something caught my eye on a store shelf. Though I have shaker sets that are fun and colorful for the breakfast area, I opt for more elegant shakers on the dining room table. Looking for something that is appealing and formal are often criteria for a purchased item.

Salt and Pepper Sets Are Collectibles

Salt and Pepper collections do hold value in the resale market. Refer to a collector's guide for current market values. Despite the value of a shaker set, I choose my salt and pepper containers for their appeal. These collectibles sit in my china cabinet year round. I want to enjoy them when I walk by.

Christmas is just around the corner. These items make wonderful gifts. Put me on your list, won't you?

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