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Colorado: Rebates For Energy Improvements

Updated on July 27, 2010

Colorado is home to some of the most famous and wealthiest winter recreation areas in the United States. Vail and Aspen have long been two of the most popular tourist destinations in the winter months of Colorado. These months can be harsh and energy efficiency is key to keeping utility costs down during the winter months. Getting rebates for performing your energy efficiency improvements will warm you up even more.

Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

This program is designed to give the residents of Colorado participating utility companies rebates for performing certain energy efficiency upgrades. These upgrades are designed to reduce the electrical and gas usage of residences. The items that are eligible for rebates are as follows:

Furnace: $200 - $300, depending on efficiency
Boiler: $150
Proper Sizing of Furnace/Boiler: $50
Hot Water Heater: $50 (tank); $300 (tankless)
Programmable Thermostat: $25
Insulation: 50% of cost
Miscellaneous Hot Water Insulation and Infiltration Measures: $25
Infrared Heating: $500

These improvements must be installed to local and state building codes to qualify which typically means hiring a qualified contractor. The application can be printed off and must be submitted no more than 60 days after the purchase of the equipment.

Home Performance With Energy Star

Energy Star has trained personnel with the tile of "Home Performance Consultants" in many states to inspect homes for energy efficiency issues. These inspections are greatly valuable to the home owner who receives a detailed report on the findings including pictures of hard to access areas, air infiltration testing results, and possible thermographicimages. The inspection is commonly called an "Energy Audit" and is treated very professionally. This service is either complimentary through your utility company or an independent service depending on your location in Colorado. After the measures are completed the Home Performance Consultant checks the energy efficiency measures for satisfactory completion and issues the rebates.

The program requires that all three of the required measures be performed to receive the rebate. Two optional measures must be chosen, but not necessarily performed. Any unperformed measures are not eligible for rebates. The program checklist is as follows:

Required Measures:
Air Sealing & Weatherstripping: $100
Attic Insulation & Bypass Sealing: $150
High Efficiency Lighting: $40
Optional Measures (participants must choose at least 2):
Wall Insulation: $250
Energy Star Set Back Thermostats: $10
92% AFUE HE Furnaces: $80
94% AFUE HE Furnaces: $120
.82 EF Tankless Water Heaters: $100
Power Vented Water Heaters: $60
84% AFUE Boilers: $120
Energy Star Refrigerators: $10
Energy Star Dishwashers: $10
Energy Star Clothes Washers: $50
New Electrically Efficient Furnace (ECM Motor): $100

These programs require the participation of Colorado utility companies to obtain these rebates. Not all utilities in Colorado participate in these programs. For more information on these and other programs, contact your local utility company.

Rebates and Incentives in Neighboring States






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