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Combination Wrench Set

Updated on January 27, 2011

All places/locations—houses, offices, shops, and even automobiles—should at least have basic tools. Screwdrivers and pliers are a given, but if you would want to step it up a notch, wrenches comes in very handy.

Wrenches are must-have quick-fix tools. However, since it is impossible to tell what size you would need at a given time, getting a set makes more sense. Wrench sizes vary from the ultra-small to very large, but sets only include those that are typically used—from 6 millimeters to 16 millimeters perhaps, talking about metric sizes.

A combination wrench and a box wrench

The two major kinds of wrenches are the open and boxed wrench. An open wrench, or open-ended wrench, is one where the end looks like a “C”. A box wrench or a closed wrench has a closed circular end. Although these can be interchanged, each one has its advantages over the other. You need not worry about such if you get a combination wrench—open at one end and closed at the other. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Aside from that, getting as set will save you a significant amount compared to buying per piece. Try checking out single-wrench prices, total the amount you would end up with if you were to complete a set, and compare it to a set’s price. You can bet it will be a whole lot more.

A combination wrench set is a fairly easy tool set to shop for. You only need to know a couple of things, combined with your target budget, and you can easily source one online because no testing or hands-on inspecting is necessary. To further help you with your quest, below are some simple guidelines to help you find a good combination wrench set.

Combination wrench set shopping tips

Probably the first thing to consider is the size of the wrenches. Since a combination wrench only has one size per wrench, the number of sizes in your set will be equal to the number of wrenches in the set. 12 pieces to 15 pieces will be a good starting point for non-tool shed environments. These fewer-piece sets will probably fall within the most commonly used sizes. If you need a set for a permanent location such as a workshop, the more wrenches in the set, the better—so long as you can afford it.

The next thing to consider when getting a set is whether to get a metric wrench set or an English set. Metric has sizes in millimeters, while English in inches. Since inches are big units, their sizes will be in fractions such as ½ of an inch. This will greatly depend on where you are from. For me (and my location), it is metric all the way. If your country uses miles and gallons for transportation, then you’re using English.

A combination wrench with a ratcheting end

You can also opt for a wrench that has a ratcheting end for the closed side. The ratchet-ended wrench makes it very easy to use, but it can be costly. This factor is simply a plus, so it would depend heavily on your budget.

As for quality, there are many, many different tool brands out there. Some will be more expensive than others, albeit made from similar materials, and others a little cheaper. Brand is a personal choice but for you sure you would’ve already heard of most of them. I will leave it up to you as far as brands is concerned, but below are some of the most popular ones used worldwide. I would not shy away from any of the brands listed below so you can trust me that whichever you choose will be of above-average quality.


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