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Comfortaire Beds Vs Sleep Number Beds. A Head to Head Comparison.

Updated on August 2, 2016

Sleep Number and Comfortaire are 2 of the leading manufacturers of air mattress and direct competitors. So which is superior? In this hub we’ll look at each of the brands to tease out the main points and what they might mean to you as a consumer.

For more on getting better sleep so that you wake feeling refreshed, look at

Comfortaire Bed Video


Comfortaire Beds.

  • Comfortaire developed their brand over 30 years ago and calls itself ‘the original air bed company’. They are based in Greenville South Carolina and the beds are made in the US.
  • The brand has a full range of sizes with 12 styles and several ranges within those styles. They also make an RV mattress and 2 adjustable beds for even greater comfort if you have joint or back problems or mobility issues.
  • Comfortaire beds have 100 individual comfort settings and an individual one-touch memory, so no fiddling about saving your setting. On some models the controller is wired to the bed and some it’s wire-free.
  • According to their US website, prices vary from $499 to $3,525 (UK residents search locally).
  • Comfortaire pride themselves on their research, development and patented technology that goes into their beds. They currently use urethane alloy air chambers which are bacteria and mould resistant, suitable for allergy sufferers and there is a topper pad and cover for greater comfort. The picture above, taken from the website, demonstrates the construction.
  • Their original design is now the industry standard – deep-filled latex cotton chambers on the base of the mattress with a foam side wall at the edge. This is covered by foam topping and wrapped in a removable cover.
  • However they now have developed the urethane alloy chambers, ‘Box-Top Air’ and ‘Edge to Edge Air’ patented designs which they say has improved comfort. The new style chambers reduces/prevents the hammocking effect that they say can occur with the older design. ‘Box-Top Air’ places the air at the top of the mattress and ‘Edge to Edge Air’ gives the same level of support right to the edge of the mattress, as the name suggests.
  • The Comfortaire website is full information about the product, including an ‘ask the expert’ area in which consumers or potential consumers can have their own questions answered. You can also ‘compare all products’ and compare with competitors. It takes an upfront approach to why they feel Comfortaire is better than Sleep Number.
  • There is a 60-day free trial offered for which Comfortaire pay the return shipping if you take it to a Fed-Ex depot. There are exclusions to the returns policy as you would expect (the bed needs to be in good condition) so read the details.
  • The warranty is 20 years with some limitations.
  • They offer a range of Comfortaire pillows and accessories.
  • Read more about Comfortaire at

More about Sleep Number

Sleep Number Beds.

Sleep number is a younger company that Comfortaire. They come on to the air bed scene in about 1988.

  • Sleep Number is also designed and made in the US.
  • Sleep Number make 4 styles of bed in all sizes, with a small range within each style; 2 RV mattresses and an adjustable bed base.
  • The wire-free control allows up to 100 different settings to ensure comfort.
  • Prices range from $999.98 for the Classic Series to $4699.98 for the Innovation Series (see ). UK residents need to search locally.
  • Choose the base and mattress to suit your needs and décor.
  • Construction design isn’t specified on the website so one might assume it’s of the latex cotton chambers described above. They do say that Sleep Number is the only bed ‘clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality’.
  • The beds are suitable for allergy sufferers and are mould and bacteria resistant.
  • There is a 30 day free trial and the customer pays the return shipping. Any set-up fees are not reimbursed. Like the Comfortaire returns policy the bed must be in good order.
  • The warranty is for 20 years and there are limitations, as there are with Comfortaire, so read these.
  • They offer a range of Sleep Number pillows and accessories.

So Which Is Better?

The best adjustable bed or air mattress will be the one that gives you the best sleep and comfort. It’s important to do your research carefully before buying so look on the internet, look at the branded ads you see, look at independent reviews.

For a 3-stepguide to buying an adjustable bed look at's 'Beds and Bedrooms for Better Sleep' section as the principles are the same for any specialty bed.

The Comfortaire offers greater range of design, technology and price. The website is also easier to navigate and answers more questions than the Sleep Number site. But the Sleep Number bed might be better if back pain is your problem as it claims ‘clinical proof’ that it can reduce back pain.

Only the free trial periods will tell you which is right for you, as well as the time in store with trained salespeople – but only if they want to help you buy a bed that’s right for you rather than sell you a bed.


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